Students get to formal education with former knowledge, ideas, skills and concepts. These skills extensively influence what they observe about the environment, how they understand and manage it (Brophy and Evertson). This improves their abilities to reason, to remember, to solve problems and to obtain new knowledge.

Creativity has been one of the most fundamental characteristic in my field of study, and all students are encouraged to be creative and innovative (Devor). The management of the school provides an environment that allows creativity and innovation to thrive. This is accomplished by allowing all students to utilize their full potentials, skills and knowledge on various activities. This has made me creative and innovative in diverse areas of study. Additionally, this aspect has made me be flexible and enabled me obtain a competitive edge over other students at school and from other educational institutions. This is because I have been able to become more creative and innovative, thus making me unique from other students. This has not only helped me to achieve higher milestones in education, but it has also prepared me to be flexible in the changing working environment in the future.        

Competition is also one of the common aspects in my field of study. There is a very stiff competition among students from my major and every student endeavors to gain a competitive edge over others. This competition is not only in the area of academics, but also in the areas of creativity and innovation. This aspect has made many students attain outstanding performance in their studies. This is because no student wants to be outdone by another in the academic field. Furthermore, competition has also made students to be more creative and innovative in the different areas of studies. Personally, the aspect of competition has made me improve my academic performance as well as becoming more flexible in different areas of studies. I believe, the aspect of competition will make me flexible in the changing working environment as well as being competitive in the labor market in the future.

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This characteristic has been contributed by motivation from the management of the school as well as different instructors. They put more effort in motivating all students to work hard in their studies. The school offers different forms of rewards as a way of motivating students to work hard not only in their studies, but also in other activities. This has made students improve their academic performance, because every student wants to be rewarded by the school, thus there is a stiff competition among students. On my part, I have benefitted more from this aspect, because I also work hard both in academics and innovation so as to be rewarded. This has provided me with adequate skills that will make me competitive and flexible in the dynamic working environment.

Team work has also played a critical role enhancing the academic performance of many students from my major. All students are always willing to participate and work together in the accomplishment of various tasks. All students believe that complex tasks that appear impossible to some people can be attained through working together as a team. This has helped me in understanding the behaviors and personalities of different individuals. Additionally, this aspect has made me develop managerial and leadership skills. This is because one cannot be a strong leader or a manager without the ability to understand behaviors, personalities and feelings of other people within the organization.

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