Watch the kids; wake up and wash their face. Ask your husband whether he needs a hot bath or not. You mean you don’t know what he needs?  Gather litter and dispose it. Make your bed and make sure that the beddings are clean and well put. The kids need clean clothes to go to school. Make there bed too. When you choose your clothes make sure that they are not tights incase your husband turns violent for lack of respect. Make sure to separate the butter from the milk before storage: you should know that butter is a precious ingredient when cooking meals. Walk (yourself) straight just a like a grown up woman: girls somehow bent a little. Rearrange the house well: visitors are always on their way coming. Remember to separate the white shirts from the colored ones when washing: color might spread to the whole lot and in that way his clothes become spoilt. This is how you mend your clothes when they are torn: don’t ask for money from your husband for petty issues, they hate it when you do that.

When you iron his shirts, concentrate on them: don’t make a mistake of ironing them together with those of the children; they hate it when you loose concentration and divert it at the same manner. Of course, he is the man of the house. Store his clothes separately: black from blues and pants from shirts:  not like you mix them with those dirty ones. You need to understand that dinner needs to be ready, shop for them earlier enough and start the preparations early to avoid cursing and possible aggression. This is how you smile to your relatives; this is how you smile to your husbands friends. This is how you supposed to serve your husband at the house: this is how you do that when there are guests at the house. This is how you talk to people you love; this is how you talk to those you consider to be strangers.

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When out of the house with him, this is how should behave: this is how you should behave when there are only the two of you in the house. This is the tone of the voice for which you use to address him while at the house: you should continue with that tone even when out on a date. This is how you treat his relatives: this is how you treat his immediate family; they (husbands) love it when you treat them differently: with much concern. This is how you cook his meals: this is how you cook the meal of the whole family.You are a not little girl anymore: you should not keep your eyes off him for a longer time. This is what you should do when you become pregnant: this is how you should dress when you are pregnant. You should keep unwanted guests from the house; you should protect the kids from petty forms of danger. This is how you supposed to instill discipline to the children: you should not instill pain to the children. This is how you supposed to portray your anger when not happy: this is how you should portray your anger when you not happy with the children. This is how you should smile when happy: this is how you smile when alone with him; they love it when you pay the attention they need. This is how you should prepare for church on Sundays: this is how you should prepare him for the church on Sunday: this is the form of clothes children will wear to church: these are those which you should use to keep them off from distorting clothes when playing in the fields. You mean you don’t go to church: as a woman you should make sure you make it a normal routine: the children acquire respect and much diligence when they visit the church: He becomes more humane when he is introduced to the church: but what if he doesn’t want to go to church? You mean you are a woman who cannot convince her husband to go to church?

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