Our entry strategy will involve opening an information office in Germany. The office will be in charge of disseminating information about tour opportunities in Egypt. This office will liaise with our home office on all matters pertaining to travelling for leisure in Egypt. This office will be responsible for contacting our target market and selling our leisure travel opportunities in Egypt. Another strategy will be organizing youth travel seminars in various universities and other institutions of learning in German.

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These seminars will be aimed at informing the students on the various tourist attraction sites in Egypt. We also plan to introduce the idea of group travel to the German singles. This will mean organizing travel for groups at subsidized prices. Our office will also work closely with the Egyptian embassy so as to provide travel assistance to all German singles intending to tour Egypt. This will ensure prompt processing of travel documents among other things. We will also organize for transport and accommodation for the travelers once in Egypt.This will be done at subsidized cost.

We also intend to use the media in Germany to advertise our agency so that we can capture as big market as possible. After we have successfully captured the singles market, we will eventually focus on other age groups starting with the old. We intend to capture a substantial part of the German travel market by the end of three years (Michael, 2006).

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