Baroque era refers to the period 1600 to 1750. During this era, the components of human nature and emotions were very crucial. The religious themes were maintained and the human figure in motion through space, light and time. This essay will examine the cultural shift issues happenings in church, instrumental music and styles used. We will also examine three famous composers of the era.

The Roman Catholic Church popularized the Baroque. The church decided that the artists' style could convey religious themes in direct and emotional involvement. The architecture and art were also were used as a means of impressing visitors and competitors. The church addressed the representational arts by demanding that the paintings were to be used in church context to speak to the illiterate than to the well informed. This happened when the canon promulgated the council of Trent in 1545-1563. During this period, there were many styles of classical music like piano sonatas, symphonies, string quartets, wind and percussion instruments. There appeared new distinct forms of music like the fugal forms, variation forms, dance suit, the sonata. The church sonata was first started in Italy. With a number of movements, it contrasted in texture and tempo. The church sonatas later evolved and were written in four movements and were meant to be played in a church service (Dorak M. 2008).

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During the baroque era, there were very many talented composers who included; Bach, Corelli and Monteverdi. Bach mastered the art of violin and organ and he used to sing in a choir. He composed cantatas, concertos and oratorios. Born in 1653 in Italy, Corelli was a violinist who composed tri sonatas and concerti grossi. Handel was born in 1685 and was famous for composing sonatas, operas, concertos and modern oratorios (Oracle Thinkquest).

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