Edgar De Gas was born on July 19, 1834 in Paris. His father was a Frenchman called Auguste and was a banker and his mother was an American from New Orleans He was quite famous for his skills in painting. He was especially interested with the subject of dance and used his skills in draughts to depict dancers. He was academically prepared to become a painter: he went through good training for this purpose. He began the work of painting early in his life. It is said that in his early life he did a lot painting. Degas was influential in organizing a number of exhibitions in conjunction with other artists.  The first of such an exhibition is said to be the impressionist Exhibitions which was displayed in 1974. Degas was quite influential in this group and led to its popularity. Internal strife over painting choice and value lead to the eventual break down of the group in 1886. It is reported that later he also developed a keen interest in photography. Degas is not known to have married and it is said that his last days were spent on the streets of Paris.

Edgar’ Artistic Life

It is said that Degas emulated, to a great extent, the old masters in the artistic world.  Degas is said to have been very enthusiastic in about art works and engaged himself in the collection of various arts. His collection of Japanese arts is said to have influenced his works to a great extent.  Degas is popular for a number of painted portraits he worked on of individuals as well as groups.

In the 1953 at the age of 18 years, Degas was given the permission to copy at the Louvre in Paris. In the year of 1954, Degas was able to copy the Raphael paintings at the Louvre. In the year 1855 Degas visits the painter Jean-August-Dominique Ingres’s work. Degas is said to have liked the work of the painter. At this time there was much of a rivalry between Jean-August-Dominique Ingres and Eugene Delacroix who laid much emphasis on the role of color on a painting. Degas wisely picked both the skills both of these two artists. Degas travels to and lived in Italy in the year 1856 and returned to Paris in 1859. In 1860 he travelled back to Italy for a brief stay. In 1862 Degas meets Edourd in Lourvre. In 1864 he visited Ingres and the following year he painted Madame Paul valpincon. In the years of 1855 through 1870 Degas was involved at the exhibits at the salon though it is reported that these works have not been given much importance (Deags 2010).

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In 1866 Degas painted the collector of prints. In the year of 1868 Degas began getting recognized as an artist. By then he was a frequent visitor of and an influential member of the group who visited the prominent member of a group which frequented the café Guerbois.

Edgar becoming Influential in Art

Edgar was an influential member of the Impressionist who exhibited their works from 1874 to 1886.The group was united by common desire of departing from the official standards and letting artist form their work independently.   Degas in leading this group tried to draw inspiration out of their own environment and experiences. They had chosen to call themselves the realists but their free drawing especially that of Degas depicting of ballet dancers and women bathing with his vivid use of color encouraged the use of the word impressionist. Despite the fact that this Degas participated in the same group “impressionists” his work has been reported to have distinguished itself from his fellow artist in the same group. Degas is said to have been very keen on observing, “laundresses, milliners and complex formal structure” (Degas par. 5). It is reported that Degas worked from his memory. It is claimed that Degas sketched from models who posed in his studio.

Degas was inclined to studying the postures of human figures as opposed to painting some landscapes. Degas more often than not painted the, “gestures and poses of human figures in interior settings” (Degas par. 6). His pictures portrayed, “the complexity of human expressions and articulation of everyday experiences” (Degas par. 6) and actually, this is what made him to be considered more of a realist than an impressionist. As time went by Degas is said to have continued gaining popularity particularly for his painting of women both naked and in dance postures. It is said that, “Degas's collection of repeated poses and postures speaks to his preoccupation with texture, color, and form” (Degas, par. 7; Dancers par. 3).

Significance of Degas work

Degas’ work has been quite significant because he was influential in changing the formal standards of is time. He motioned in a different wave in the world of art and brought in great new changes and daring modifications which merged different views from different art masters who had differing views. By doing this he brought in a complete new picture to the art world.

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