Farewell to Manzanar is a book that gives a highlight of a young girl and her significant childhood observation over the confinement camp, where together with her family; they were driven to during world war two. This takes place at a young age of about seven years, and it is at this time that Jeanne, together with 10,000 individuals, were sent to set a camp at Manzanar. In this story, everything is all about struggle and the cares that people go through. In spite of being young, Jeanne was able to withstand the entire struggle the she went through with her family when they were in the camp. She makes friends with many people for the sake of keeping well while under such problems. Therefore, Jeanne should be considered a hero of adversity, on the basis that she is able to mingle with different people from a diversified cultural background. Considering this, a large number of Japanese-Americans were moved to the confinement camps, during the World War Two, and they could carry only what they were able to carry.

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Jeanne is described to be strong in times of adversity when dealing the living arrangements, variety of activities, different mess hall, and other inhuman activities that takes place in Manzanar camp (Jeanne and James, 24). To be a hero of adversity, one has to have characteristics that are entailed to go through difficult situations, for example, full of cooperation in diversified involvements. Within Manzanar camp, cooperation is viewed to be an important aspect, especially when it comes to participation in the preparation of the ill-prepared and ill-managed Manzanar camp. Jeanne is one of the camp inhabitants who have endurance and the needed solidarity to move forward in the face of adversity. Throughout their time in the camp, Jeanne believes that they had to work together for the purpose of surviving, and she participates in the sewing of usable garments and she encourages the sharing of cardboard toilet partitions. Therefore, Jeanne can be viewed as a more productive person in cases of adversity, thus being a hero.

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