The company that I have been hired to work to improve its performance is a long term serving company. I realized that the company performed very well in its initial set up period but then failed to achieve its goals.

. This has been brought about by the weaknesses of the supervisors in their service delivery. The company’s failure was ignited by various factors that I wish to discuss in the course of this discussion. For better description of my argument I will refer to my new company as Bright Link Company (Chen, 2009. This company packs and sells clean water in New York City. It also offers service delivery of goods to customers within the city.

Initial Survey

            To perform my duty as a manager I had to carry out investigation to understand the root cause of poor performance in the Bright Link company. in my final stages , I found out the following information that I may use to improve the performance of the company and realize a reasonable profit margin.

Staff coordination


Staff motivation and training activities


Financial recording


Equipment maintenance


Communication systems


Public relation


Safety issues


Policy  implementation




Action Plan

            The performance grid provided indicate clearly the reasons why Bright Link Company is facing many challenges in its daily activities. Gomez-Mejia et al, 2008).  First staff coordination in the company is in a critical condition. Each and every staff member should fully understand the role he or she is required to play in the company (Gomez-Mejia et al, 2008). To achieve this objective very good communication systems must be put in place. The employees should be approached skillfully. The language used to address issues and coordinate must be able to motivate and move the staff to fully perform their duties (Chen, 2009. The supervisors have a bigger share in informing the junior staff members of their duties.  The language they used to direct their junior was not encouraging thus leading to poor performance. The supervisors’ failed a great deal supervisor capacity in controlling the staff members.

Training Opportunity 

Departments in the institution should regularly hold meeting to discuss issues that can enable the company move forward. The departmental heads will receive good training skills in communication to ensure they use appropriate language in directing the junior workers. The supervisors will be trained on improved methods to apply in their work. When this is put in place each member will be able to perform to the required standards. The workers should be addressed in a language that will motivate them. When counseling the employees foul language should be avoided because it can cause misunderstanding among the staff. The supervisors proposed that the company should higher semi-skilled employees to reduce the cost of production. The move could not work since the employees need to be given knowledge and the skills to improve the service delivery.  

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Financial Statistics

            The credited sector in Bright Link Company is financial recording and this is why we can be to scrutinize and rate the company’s performance although there are few areas that should be rectified for better performance (Gomez-Mejia et al, 2008). The records should be updated to track down each and every shilling which is spent in the company. This will also ensure that the profit gained by the company can be utilized fully. Record keeping will be effective when better communication skills are employed. This is the area that has been done properly the supervisors need to be appraised for proper keep of the company’s finance documents.

Public Relation

            Public relation in this company will involve the customers, the employee’s welfare together with the employer’s interest. The customers are our bosses and should be given the first priority in our services. They should be served extremely well to market our brands out there. Issues that deal with the welfare of the workers should also be addressed with great concern since they are our ambassadors while working and when out of their duties. They should promote the name of the company whenever possible (Chen, 2009. To motivate the worker, we shall allow advance payments then soft loans will be given to them to overcome financial strain. We shall get the famous people to advertise our service in and out of the city. The relationship between workers, the employer and the customer should have a cordial relationship to attract more customers. This area was neglected by the supervisors thus lowering their performance.


            Accompany that wishes to promote its activities like Bright Link Company has no option but to restructure its management (Gomez-Mejia et al, 2008). It should motivate the workers by paying them well, in good time and address their issues with great concern. Communication methods should be given an upper hand due to its broad effect in implementation of the policies. Customers should be greatly considered since the company depends on the number of customers to maximize its profit. The relationship between the company and the surrounding should be conducive to allow the company to compete favorably with other companies on the market. The supervisors in the company failed in almost all the all areas apart from one that has been sees as financial documents.

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