I used to wonder what my college education can do for me. But with time, I have realized that college education is the only sure way of obtaining a good job that will keep one comfortable for a lifetime and have a secure future. I have realized that unlike in the past, college education is getting more and more important. A bachelor’s degree is becoming a minimum requirement for many jobs that previously required high school leavers.

My parents have gone through a lot trying to ensure that I acquire the best education. I have thus come to agree that college education is very expensive but the pros of my education surpass the cons. I remember a wise man once said that “if you think education is expensive, then try ignorance.” It is true that college education is expensive but I believe that this is an investment with guaranteed returns. My college education has given me satisfaction, something I craved for since I was young and better job opportunities and definitely this is a good investment of my future.  

My college education will allow me to enter the workforce and if I want to come back for higher education, I know I have a chance to increase my earning power while working. I know that competition in the workplace is becoming more tight and this will make employers continue to invest and hire the best graduates in the market. Companies will likely achieve their bottom line when they have college educated workers who are well trained in whatever position they are told to work. Employers will most likely employ college graduates as opposed to non-educated applicants. This gives me an edge over the non-educated applicants and I know I have the chance to rise in the corporate ladder if I can use my college degree to enroll for higher education.    

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I come from a family whereby my parents did not receive a four year degree. They have gone a lot trying to give me the best education and I believe that had they a college degree they could have not struggled as such. My father never attended college. However, my mother was fortunate enough to have received an associate degree from a two year old college but not a four year degree. She is relatively stable but like I said earlier, my parents have really struggled to make ends meet. I am the first born in our family and I want to be a role model for my younger siblings so that they can take education seriously. I believe that I will be able to achieve this childhood dream of being a role model to my siblings.

I come from a community where not many people value education. Most of my fellow community members are either people who never valued education very much but the few who went up to college level or advanced their careers past college education have been role models to especially the young people here. They seem to drive the best cars, own the best houses and have a stable future and family. Many of us who want to study really look up into these guys.

My fellow students here believe that after graduating from high school they can make approximately $20 per hour and they regard this as a lot of money. What they do not realize is that what will happen after they get married? They have kids? It is vital that we think of the future. But for the serious ones they have cultivated a culture of working hard while in school to avoid menial works but in this way I believe they are building a stable future for themselves and their families. We need mentors from whom the young generation can copy from and have positive attitudes towards education.

I believe that going to school and acquiring of a college degree is the best thing that has ever happened to me. 

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