Gone are the days when one would earn a living even with little or no education. Today, education has become a basic need that one can not do without. Technology is now advancing and the spirit of innovation should be encouraged to all students. If today I founded a college or university of my own, I would make computer studies mandatory for all students to study. This is because, technology is advancing at a higher rate and everything is becoming computerized. Without computer knowledge, innovation and incorporation of thoughts into practice would prove to be difficult to these students once they join the work force in the competitive labor market.

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Since values and priorities are essential for every learning institution, the values of my institution would include; freedom of expression and thought for every student followed by strong support for student researcher so as to encourage the spirit of innovation and freedom from discrimination so as to build an extensive access, for both local and foreign students, to the university. Priorities include; making a positive contribution to the society as well as to encourage research and learning while keeping in track international standards of excellence. These priorities are aimed at improving the skills and efficiency of the students and the well being of society the society as well.

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