Students usually recognize that they are now moving to new and unknown period of their life after passing necessary exams to college and getting the application. This period is usually full of new events, acquaintances and emotions. However, the most important aspect of college life is that, it enables a person to be a law abiding and self reliant. This is due to the fact that during college life, an individual is taught and learns how to relate with others while observing strictly rules and regulations. In college life, all students are supposed to follow strictly rules and regulations governing the college.

There are also harsh punishments for those who go against or break these rules and regulation. For instance, if a student is found using drugs in the college, he would be expelled out of college meaning that he or she will have come to an end of his or her objectives and ambitions in life. Hence, since none of the students want to be expelled out of college, they all live in accordance to the rules and regulations governing the college.

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When they accomplish their course, these students are released o their respective communities. However, since there is still rules and regulations being used in any given country, these students will be in a good position to live in accordance to the law of the land since they will be aware of what will take place incase they go against or break these rules. Furthermore, when students are in colleges, they are undertaking certain course or occupation that will enable them to live humble life in future. During college life, students learn how to be self reliant since they have nobody to depend on in the college.

For instance, every student has his or her own chair, table, bed, cupboard, among many other which they have to utilize effectively since the beginning up to the end of semester. This teaches them not only to be self reliant but economical as well. Thus, when they accomplish their studies, they go to the outside world where they are employed in many different fields of work. After securing employment, with the aspect of self reliance attained in the college still ringing in their minds, these former student- currently employees- usually do their best to ensure that they spend wisely whatever they have and that they don't depend or rely to anybody. Thus is obvious and significant that college life has the most significant aspect of bringing about a law abiding and self reliant citizens that are responsible for the economic development of their respective countries.   

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