A university being a center of learning has a lot to offer to the community. Not only are the students educated but we are also prepared for a life that will bring about development to the total community. Christian universities like Pepperdine have their teachings centered on Christian values such as service, leadership and living lives of purpose.

There is a lot that a student can therefore contribute towards such an institution of learning. Firstly, the university has provided the students will require decent accommodation. The student can therefore contribute by embracing this service that the university has provided. The services are aimed towards allowing the students to stay in an environment that will promote their learning, while also modeling them towards responsible adult life. The student should therefore take up their allocated responsibilities in the boarding facilities and perform them well; so that, they may understand that they have a purpose and great responsibilities in life.

Secondly, encouraging a Christian atmosphere in the environment is equally fundamental. The university should have a chaplaincy that will enable the students to attend regular services. These will allow them to obtain spiritual nourishment as well as providing a fallback position for them when faced with life crises. The student should ensure that they take up such initiatives positively by attending to the services and seeking guidance from the chaplaincy. This way, they’ll be helping the institution achieve its goals.

Family is a Christian value. It is therefore important that the management of the university focuses on inviting the parents of the students to be directly involved in the students’ academic as well as social lives. This can be done through holding parents’ days where the parents are updated on their children’s’ performance. The student should therefore encourage their parents to attend to such occasions as well as embracing the family spirit and not to disregard their parents’ advice as well as the university’s efforts.

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In addition, there is notably a mentorship program for the students in order to help them deal with life issues courageously. The students should appreciate this initiative and be ready to regularly meet with their mentors to discuss what is happening in their lives. Often do university students feel alone, that no one understands their situations, for that they could rely on peer advice which is not always the best. Such misconceptions can be mitigated through the mentorship program.

Fifth, the student could advise their friends who are college and high school graduates and make them more motivated to take up Pepperdine as their university of choice. This will in turn enable the university to have a good market share as well as enable them to extent their discipleship to more people.

Building of infrastructure that will enable efficient teaching and learning is fundamental. Lecture theatres, student centers, lecturer offices, laboratories, incubators among other infrastructure have been set up. The student should therefore use such facilities well as well as maintain them. This way, they are able to learn efficiently while improving the university.

Competitive scholarships are often a way of motivating students to take their studies seriously. The students could take up such challenges and work to improve their grades so that they are picked for the scholarships. The university in turn will be running towards quality education by their students having high test scores.

Finally and most importantly, for the schools to use up these contributions well enough, it should have a good management system. The recruitment should ensure that the staff taken in has in its will the best interests of the university. The point is however that the student should respect the management’s authorities and collaborate towards the development of the institution. 

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