This essay will be focused on the strategies which were used by Jeanne Lewis in Staple to make some appropriate changes in that organization. Basing on this case study, the essay will address various aspects of communication especially with regard to corporate affairs. The essay is written in form of answering nine questions which will bring out the communication aspects clearly. 

One of the communication barriers which is presented clearly is lack of trust. On page 81, Lewis argues that this lack of trusting each other arises out much negotiating. When people do not trust each other it becomes hard to take in what they say leading to outright rejection or criticizing of the message being put across (Lewis 200).

Another communication barrier is exposed on page nine where Lewis airs her grievances. She claims that the cross-channel communications were being neglected. She further poses that the marketing which were carried out were tactical and reactive. This according to Lewis is not effective if communication is to be effective. As a solution to this Lewis suggested a strategic approach to be embraced. She argues against the early approach claiming that it does not help in building customer franchise over time (Lewis 2000).     

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The first communication barrier discussed above is lack of trust which arises due to much negotiation according to Lewis. This can easily impact negatively on the business volume of an organization. This is especially the case when lack of trust arises from the customers. The customers need assurance if they are to be worn as loyal customers. Any mistrust especially where organizational clients are involved will lead to lose of clients to competitors. It is vital to be noted that staples deal with clients in direct way thus mistrusting from the customers will have devastating effects on staple.  Within the organization lack of trust among the employees is equally devastating. Lack of trust will lead to compromising the unity in an organization as employees will be reading mischief in everything being communicated.  

The second barrier is the ineffective use of cross channel which does not support franchising. The impact of such a technique is that it does not encourage the growth of the business in the future. This barrier was also associated with approaches which were tactical and reactive. 

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