The variables that shape the organization culture are a variety. An organization culture can be simply identified as the way of doing things in an organization. The culture in an organization will depend in most cases with long term employees of an organization. The employees who determine the corporate culture in most cases are the leader of the business. Other variables which the organizational culture will depend on are the company objectives and goals. An organizational culture will dictated by the organizational goals and objectives. However it should be noted that wrong leadership can create a bad precedence leading to an organizational culture which is not in line with the organization objectives and missions.

It can also be argued that competition can also in some ways affect the corporate culture. Presence stiff competition can make the rival company step its level performance to avoid being pushed out the market. Raising the performance level will automatically groom the corporate culture.          

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On page six the, Lewis talks of the need to make some adaptation after pulsing the floor. She realized that just sitting in her office did not create much difference but instead says that it would only make people who came forth sad. Instead she decided to herself more available. She did this by constantly moving between two floors. The floors were between her office located in the upper floor and the immediate lower floor which hosted the marketing department. In this manner she became more available to people. She become accessible to the employees of the two floors which ensured that they could reach at any time they so wished.

Another strategy used by Lewis was organizing bimonthly staff meeting with her direct reports. This was a new to issue to the organization. During these meetings there could be much interaction between the staff members.

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