The recent news headline on economics that indicated the trend of the labor industry clearly illustrates the handling of news by various parties. In this case, the highlights concerned the decline of productivity, which would signal the need for recruitment to counter the anticipated outcome. The USATODAY reported the news under the topic of ‘Productivity drop widens in Q1 could signal hiring ahead’. The reporting of news was clear and accurate on a nonprofessional’s point of view. Some of the main content of the news regarded the performance of the labor industry. It highlighted that over the quarter of January and March, workers productivity had declined influenced by the previous recession impacts. In this regard, most organizations performance had dropped contributed by their productivity. Therefore, the organizations’ quality of products and services were less. This forced consumers of most products and services to forgo their expenses. Based on the available information under the content, it depicted that the news were in-depth and covered a significant breadth. To elaborate this fact, readers would obtain a hint of the performance of labor industry and its impact on the market (Crutsinger & Press, 2012).

The in-depth analysis of this trend in the economic activities indicated that some facts were reported while others were not. For the sake of privacy and security, the facts concerning the topic were reported while others were left. This implied that all details presented to the readers indicated the aggregate of all sectors that had been critically affected. Initially, the industrial sectors were worst hit by the trend due to lack of motivation for the workers. In addition, the changes in human resources had affected the trend. This news mainly concerned the changes that had affected the economic activities of the west. In this regard, multiple perspectives of the topic were disregarded especially the eastern world perspectives. For this reason, the news was biased on the worldwide view since it concentrated on the progress of the western world. Similarly, the news never illustrated the human resource practices that had affected the industry negatively. Therefore, the generalization of the topic depicted the level of biasness that could be portrayed in news.

The news exhibited some questionable assumptions implicit in the story. This is because the impact of the productivity of labor had not only been influenced by the performance of the international market, but also the governments. On this note, the performance of the market was emphasized while the role of governments was ignored largely. This implied that the presentation of the news occurred in an impartial manner and failed to reflect on the reality of the situation. Meanwhile, it is essential to make distinctions when undertaking a critical evaluation. In this regard, one is able to identify the facts portrayed in the information from the exaggeration and cover-ups that considerably alter the initial information. Thus, both the writer and the reader will understand the information and decode it respectively. As a result, the true representation of the information would be obtained.

In the event that I was a columnist who needed to present the information in the next blog, it would be essential to adopt creativity in the topics issues. In this case, the information must be presented in a manner that is captivating while portraying the facts of the topic. For instance, the topic of workers’ productivity is vital to every individual in the service industry. Therefore, the consideration of the labor market as declining in terms of its performance is crucial. In addition, most employers in any economy would be interested in the topic to be able to make strategic plans for the future with regard to future labor demand and supply. Repeatedly, the labor industry will affect the economy since it is one of the crucial factors of production, which could experience mobility based on motivation. This implies that creativity is essential when presenting information because it makes the readers to decode easily the used information. As a result, if the information is vital, they could use it on a timely manner and avoid any dire consequences.

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Another critical area of the creativity that could be viewed is the effectiveness of the adopted strategies. Since vital and interesting information captivates a significant number of readers, strategies are essential to boost the market for this information. The critical aspect that is vital for any columnist is attracting more readers through the presentation of ideal and noticeable news. In consideration to the topic of productivity of workers during the last quarter, essential information that contributed to the trend should be reflected. In addition, most of the parties that influence such trends like the dynamism of the human resource management and government should be indicated. For most of the readers, their main interest in news revolves around the reports and measures that could be taken to prevent further recurrent of it.

Any news that depicts the role of critical parties like the government and the ministry of labor in any country attract large crowds. In this regard, a thorough analysis of the real cause of the trend should be established before its final presentation. On this note, the productivity of workers in any economy is based on the support received from the government. Therefore, in one way or another, governments must have contributed. For the writer, it is essential to depict its role in the productivity level of workers. The other vital part would be the human resource management in the trends. Notably, readers would be attracted to such information and the news will be marketable.

Since there exist multiple ways of eliminating biasness in news, a writer should adopt these means to prevent biasness. In this case, the writer has to collect information from various sources especially the primary data. Based on this information, a writer would be able to present information that is true and ideal for the public domain. For the information that is obtain from the secondary sources, a writer should cut across all the samples to which he or she wishes to refer to in the analysis. In this regard, the final information that would be presented to the public would be unbiased and fit for all. Additionally, some of the critical practices of writers, such as level of information sieving and ethical practices are essential for writers to be reasonable and transparent. Regarding the originally of the sources of information and factuality, writers should give detailed information and present the same content in their own understanding.   

All writers must master the art of presenting information without biasness and favoritism. This implies that writers should be creative and persuasive in the information they present to attract more readers. For that reason, numerous skills should be employed to exercise partiality and truth of the information. As a result, readers would access information that is valid and reliable. In addition, readers would use information obtained from the news to strategize on future matters. Repeatedly, writers would portray ethical standards in their works while adhering to the government regulations. Similarly, the writers would be able to market their news and uphold integrity. In this case, the practice of detecting biasness in news is critical and should have utmost consideration amongst the writers.               

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