The Independence Movement required means of spreading messages among the people and familiarize them with its objectives and policies. One of these vehicles of communication was the print media. Rising literacy levels provided an opportunity to communicate with the elite members of the society who possessed a lot of influence. Gaining the support of elite members of the society meant that the movement could use this group to launch widespread lobbying of its policies. The print media was the most commonly used means of communication at the time. It was accessible to a significant portion of the population. People depended on the print media as a source of information on the developments in America and the world. In addition, they considered the print media to be a reliable source of information. Aspects of the reliability of information in the print media helped the Independent Movement to convince Americans on the appropriate stance on the politics on the country.

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 Leaders of the Independent Movement exploited the Americans over-reliance on the print media to promote the movement’s objectives. The print media allowed the reusability of information in the sense that one material could inform a large number of people by virtue of sharing.. The movement used the print media to portray the ineffectiveness of various systems of governance and highlight the need to replace such systems with better forms of governance. Although the print media helped to convey truthful sentiments of the Independent Movement, it also acted as vehicle for the movement’s propaganda.  The ease with which written materials could reach the audience provided a means of communication with minimum barriers. The ability to convince the public concerning the appropriateness of its policies promoted increasing support for the Independent Movement among most Americans. The print materials were clear on the objectives of the movement a people-oriented governorship.

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