The advertising executive that attributed that ‘at the end of the day, Marcom agencies don’t deliver ads or direct mail pieces or PR and corporate identity’ but deliver results, implied their effectiveness in the marketing. In this case, the central focus of the marketing agencies was to popularize the products and services, which led to increased sales. Some of the main objectives of the agency entail retention of existing customers, attracting new ones and expanding the market share (Blakeman, 2007). Despite the incorporation of varied marketing forms such as ads, mailing or PR and corporate identity, these designs only provide a means to the end. To expound on this, the company adopts vigorous advertising that creates awareness and informs existing customers of the products and services of their clients. Essentially, their focus is on the potential customers who have the will and ability to consume the advertised products or services. As a result, advertising yields more returns and growth in client base.  

Another crucial element that the company uses is mailing. With the growth in technology, various forms of mails such as e-mail marketing or traditional mails could be used. In this case, consumers obtain information on new or existing products and services of various clients. Similarly, old customers are contacted to indicate the manner in which the companies still values them for their previous consideration. Similarly, the adoption of PR by clients of the marketing agency ensures that potential customers appreciate whatever the marketing agency issues to them. In this case, the relationship between the already established clients and consumers would enhance the service of the marketing firm. Through this act, the corporate identity would improve and the marketing agency would easily targets consumers in stimulating their consumption. As a result, firms would be able to boost their sales, markets share and reputation in the market.

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The firm’s perspective plays a critical role in determining the equity of a brand. In this regard, some of the vital elements that the equity enhances include market share, brand loyalty, premium changes and ability to earn revenue premium. An example of a company that has adopted this form of practice is Microsoft Corporation, against its major competitors like Apple Company. Microsoft Corporation has enhanced the market for its products and services by adopting multiple marketing approaches. Initially, the changes in technology were hard to comprehend, but through marketing awareness and information, they eventually reached consumers. On this note, the critical areas that required consideration were maintenance of customers’ loyalty and promotion of the market share. Rigorous forms of marketing enabled the company to achieve this objective and grow extensively to cover international market. For its competitor, the Apple Company, it adopted most of its business activities from Microsoft before being tailored to independent needs. Through continuous marketing, Microsoft has been able to maintain its market share and offer new services in the market with ease (Mantle, 2008).

Based on its services, Microsoft Corporation services has grown immensely and covered a large market share. This implies that the equity of the brand has increased considerably due to increased revenue and reputation in the market. Statistically, show that the overall growth of the Corporation’s returns from time to time is huge compared to that of Apple Company. Based on these factors, the Corporation has expanded its brand loyalty, which earns it the ability to regulate the premium prices depending on their services. Therefore, all these forms of incentives culminate into increase revenue premiums. Additionally, it allows the Company to engage in varied types of marketing that yields huge returns. Through these serial activities provided by marketing approaches, the Company continues to grow drastically compared to Apple Company.   

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