Apple’s competitive stand in the mobile market is good as it is able to maintain its market despite of different mobile companies emerging in the market. Moreover, the company uses segmentation to maintain their stand in the industry, wherein they focuse mainly on segmentation of the market.

Segmentation is defined as the manner that companies are trying to recognize customer groups with needs that are homogenous. Its benefits for companies are known to be simple and straightforward. Knowledge of the needs of the segments or specific customer groups allows the adoption of marketing strategies consequently and permits them to perform efforts for the satisfaction of the needs of those segments more effectively and efficiently. The process of segmentation is the worth undertaking of the company if a number of requirements are met, like the segment’s homogeneity, heterogeneity among the segments, access to meaningful data of segmentation, and sizable population (Dalic, 2007). The first two requirements, heterogeneity and homogeneity, are among segments of significant interest in the area of cultural diversity. Segment’s homogeneity means that individuals in the global market should fit some kind of a typical profile.

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. These changes in the environment of business allow firms like Apple not only to have accessibility to new markets, but also lower costs with the relocation of their operations and exploitation of cheap resources around the globe.

The expansion of the strategic capabilities of the firm and the decline of competition are the two major motives for the production of cooperative strategies like strategic alliances in the present business environment. Strategic alliances are, therefore, representing one type of lateral partnership among competitors. With these alliances that focus mainly on the marketing strategies of firms, it is expected that global market opportunities would increase that refer to the market potential, resource accessibility and trade and investment potential arising from globalization. Information technology developments, removal of investment and trade barriers, deregulation of investment and trade policies, and privatization have offered companies a lot of global market opportunities.

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