The existence of cyborgs in future is doubtless. However, I think that the existence of cyborgs as a part of the society is partly exaggerated. I do believe that they will live with us, helping, doing the job, which we do not want to do etc. I do believe that they will be considered as nothing more but slaves: created by humans to serve humans. However, it does not mean that they will form a lower class of the society; they, probably, will be out of the society in any meaning of it. Moreover, we will make them look like humans, so that we do not feel uncomfortable and know that they are just our copies. It is so selfish and cynical, but true.

Nevertheless, they will be considered as a threat by some group of people, as our society will want to invert a perfect artificial intelligence. This AI can be nothing more than a threat to the extermination of the humanity.

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What do we consider while speaking about the society? I totally agree with Donna Haraway that it is a unity. Would it be possible to think about cyborgs as a part of us, and consequently a part of our society? I do not believe in this opportunity. No matter what people say, but even today’s unity – society – is divided: classes and gender are the main factors of this division. As it was mentioned, the cyborgs will not be considered even as a low class, and taking into account that they do not have any gender as people have, the question appears: how cyborgs can be considered as a part of the society?

The last point to be mentioned is that the society should be transformed in the sense of race if the influence of cyborgs increases in our life. There will be no more black and white people or this differentiation will not be so significant. Cyborgs will form something like their own “race”, so as a result, we will divide our world in half: we are either humans or cyborgs, “we” or “they”. Even if a person is half-cyborg he/she still will be considered as a human-being as one thing, which cannot be copied by anyone is our incredible combination of mind and feelings.

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