Trade on the Internet or e-commerce has long been formed. However, a new trend has been arising recently: trade in social networks and their integration into existing online stores. In fact, selling in social networks has become possible. What is more, when compared to indirect marketing activities, social network trade is even more transparent and fair. Consequently, Internet commerce is such a growing trend that there is no longer anyone who has never used the services of an online shop. Therefore, the integration of any store into a social network or online store elements integration into social networking is an absolutely logical step. Most importantly, a synergy can be very useful.

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The number of users of social networks is growing like an avalanche, increasing each year by about 50%. The popularity of social networks leads to an increase in the total time spent on the web. Expending efforts on the placement of its content and building a community, a user receives an incentive to return to a site again and again. As a result people become dependent on social networks. This lucrative aspect of this field cannot be left unnoticed. Hence, such a trend as Katy Spade managed to be among the first ones who integrated their efforts in social networks. Social networks are popular all over the globe and, as a result, the brand receives a global popularity.

In general, summarizing all the above, it must be said that the potential of any social network is not only to promote brand awareness, make audience more loyal and find new customers, etc., but simply to organize direct sales to its customers in an environment to which they are accustomed spending hours inside of it.

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