The closed source software refers to software that is only distributed through a licensing agreement to users who are authorized, and also contains restrictions on both republishing and copying. However one is supposed to note that the greatest disadvantage of closed software is that the buyer gets no information concerning its manufacture and only rely on the words of the software vendor regarding its quality. Open source software on the other hand refers to software distribution where source cord is able to be shared, modified, and viewed by other organizations and users according  to its licensing agreement through which it is distributed. Open source is very advantageous since it gives an individual the opportunity to view on how it works. The major disadvantage of open source is the fact that it has so many clueless fanatics that support it cause.

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The two major examples of closed source software are the Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer. Microsoft is rather difficult software to use as it offers no simplicity and additionally has no improved security. Microsoft offers networking solutions although it does not provide any concrete networking pedigree. Critics say that Microsoft Windows lack effective security and thus a less secure operative system.

Internet Explorer in another closed source software that is very common. This web browser comes as a standard and demands no extra charge once it is installed on the computer. However it is essential to know that this web browser is not free. According to statistics drawn from Google, Internet Explore has been overtaken by Firefox which is now the leading web browser that visits its site.

Linux and Firefox are among the most significant open source software. Despite being free, Linux offers ease of usage and more security guarantee. It is based on a Unix system and thus offers a high networking pedigree. The major web browser according to Google is Firefox. Firefox is apparently open source and is offered free to the users. Most users find it more convenient and easy to use than Internet Explore and hence it’s great publicity and wide range of usage.

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