In a modern world where speed of life needs constant evolution nothing stays unchanged. Science technologies are developed and upgraded very rapidly. Thus, several decades of years ago personal computer has been considered as an important scientific achievement that became an integral part of business and scientific world. Then, when it became smaller and cheaper, it appeared almost in every family. Now, when during last several years market was filled with iPhones and tablet computers, people began feverishly buy up new fashionable devices leaving personal computers aside. Considering such situation, journalists and science critics brought up an issue if classical personal computer and its software live on borrowed time? It is rather disputable question that should be properly clarified.

I do not agree with Zittrain who insists that tablets, iPhones and operational systems for them are the only indices of the technological progress. Windows 8 is a new generation of operational systems of this series. Therefore, people want to have it, and they buy it.

Of course, new devices have their advantages: they are not so heavy, can be easily connected to the internet and used anywhere without any problem. I share the opinion of those critics and users who say that tablets and smart phones are used more for entertainment and easy access to the internet. Having a device of a book size and weight for playing games or browsing social network pages is a great solution. However, I have noticed that working with tablet for a long time causes pain in the neck and other organs because the position of a body is rather inconvenient.

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In my opinion, classical personal computer is not dead. Thus, people who tend to think this way are mistaken for sure, or they use a popular marketing ploy in order to support producers of iPhones, tablets and operational systems for them like Android. The easiest way to prove that something new is mush better is to convince that the previous model of the series is bad and not popular anymore. Therefore, I think that “popular” is a key-word here because of the influence of modern pop culture people are eager to be fashionable. Fashion is the only reason why people all over the world drove crazy because of iPhones and tablets. Nevertheless, fashion is different. There is a so-called “new fashion” that usually is temporal and goes by. Tablets and iPhones belong to this flow. They should be improved considerably before they can compete with classical personal computers. There is also “classical fashion” that lasts for a long time. Classical personal computers represent this flow.

I fully agree with Whittaker who enlists five reasons why the computer is not dead in his article. New devices are interesting and would always be accepted with adoration. Though, not always new ones can replace the previous ones. The same agiotage was with corded phones when cell phones appeared. Critics declared their death in advance. However, for business corded phones remain the principal way of information transmittance. The same is with personal computers. IPhones and tablets are mainly for entertainment and cannot be used in large companies to make documents or keep huge volume of information.

In conclusion, I would like to say that debates about the short life of classical personal computer will continue for an unlimited period. Considering the arguments, all pros and cons, I think that the software industry is going to continue to be a vibrant and independent element in the business provoking growth and change through its continued evolution. Iphones and tablets are too simple to compete with personal computers. Moreover, desktop computers and operational systems for them are constantly improving and upgrading. That’s why, it seems not reasonable to say that evolution in any process can lead to death.

Personal computers still remain the main and the most convenient devices offering such a wide range of options except entertainment. It is irreplaceable thing in education, business, and science. It is important so it is alive.

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