Nowadays, there is no single definition of what a drug is. In every sphere of human life it is determined in different ways. For example, in medicine, a drug is a chemical substance taken to cure or to neutralize pain during the treatment. A lot of people take drugs in their everyday life just for pleasure, because of the loneliness and to relieve tension and relax. The list of the reasons is endless. Different people have various opinions on drug taking. Some of them consider drug taking as irreplaceable thing of their lifetime, while others are against drugs and try to do everything possible to eradicate it from life.

After reading the article, it is impossible to agree with the author and to consider his argument as valid and logical. He claims that drugs have the same features as nondrug substances, but someone by mistake called them drugs. The author tells in his writing that drugs do not cause so much harm for people; just person has to know the right dose, personal physiology and where to get a quality “substance”. The writer complains that the society is guilty in lots of problems because of calling people who are using drugs ‘drug addicted’, what makes the drug taking viewed as sickness or disease. If the government wants to make a drug-free culture, it has to legalize the usage of drugs. It cannot be quality arguments that drugs are not harmful. All over the world scientists have done so many researches, which demonstrated that drugs are dangerous for human life. A drug can have psychological, emotional and physical effects. At first, when person tries drugs, he or she can feel great, but after using them for some time, they implicitly will do a lot of damage to human body and brain. People who drink and take drugs are more probably to get involved in different dangerous situations, for example, car accidents or having unprotected sex, which can cause different diseases, such as AIDS, syphilis, gonorrhea. After a short period of drug taking person changes in personality and attitude, is always angry and irritable, has no motivation, appears paranoid without any reasons.

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Author in his writing did not provide the quality argument, so after the reading readers may think how to avoid drugs and drug taking. In present time the amount of drug addicted people has increased and government cannot cope with this problem despite different programs aimed at creating a drug –free culture. A lot of people nowadays do not think that drugs are dangerous, that they affect human health, psychics and brain. Even among the teenagers increased the number of drug abused. There is one myth about drugs which makes people try to use them: drug addiction is just a matter of willpower and one can stop whenever he wants. Person has to think a lot of times before trying drugs and to find out the effect of using them.

The reader will be surprised after reading this. Person will be interested in truthfulness of this argument. The reader can ask himself a question: what are the possible ways to get rid of drugs? Whether it is possible to create a drug-free country? It cannot be truth that drugs are not harmful, can it?

The reading is related with today’s situation in the world. The government tries to do everything possible to protect society from drugs, but sometimes they give people false information about how many drug substances were imported to the U.S.A., or exaggerate the amount of people who are drug addicted. Nevertheless, it is done just with good intensions. They want to scare people in order to make them refuse from drugs.  

The reading makes the person understand what addiction is and who is an addict. Understanding the information about drugs and drug taking sometimes is forged in the context of struggles between different groups. In spite of this, person has to be careful and know that drugs are dangerous for human life. 

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