Why people break the law? This thorny question has still not been resolved and remains a highly controversial issue. There are many different kinds of crime and each of them is committed with a particular reason. It is estimated, that the majority of violent crimes are usually carried out by drug addicts or alcoholics. The overwhelming desire to obtain the daily dosage often pushes the addict towards the notorious crimes. Such people often do not even understand own actions and the possible consequences which usually harm their beloved. In search of money they begin to try hand in robberies, auto thefts, burglaries or even murder. Striving for the adorable narcotics, the person usually loses his mind and even gets satisfaction of committing the assault. Nevertheless, plenty of ordinary people also turn to crime, especially by accident, when they are drunk at the party or suffer from nervous breakdown after hectic day at work. Their actions are unconscious and can result into petty crime or more serious abuse, such as assault or rape. A great number of criminals are charged with larcenies and burglaries, which were committed at the desperate attempt to fight the poverty, pay the debts, or provide a deserving life for dear family.

In my opinion, nobody is born to become a convict, and only the society is responsible for bringing up a violent offender. Often, close relatives, who mistreat or are indifferent to their own children, soon after become their first victims. To my mind, childhood is the most essential period of human life, when the character, self-esteem and outlook on life are formed. All members of the society take an active part in upbringing and education of the young person, incessantly show examples of moral values and a peculiar code of behavior. Deprived children who experienced violence in family and bullying in school usually have harmed psyche and tend to have the same attitude towards others in the nearest future. For instance, I have witnessed to the breakup of my neighbor’s family and the degradation of two young personalities who step in the wrong direction and soon became the habitual criminals. Having lost the husband, the mother tried to alleviate the pain and started hitting the bottle. Shortly after, she forgot about her own teenage children, who craved for her love and support. The boys were growing up in terrible conditions: always hungry, in filthy closes, surrounded by mother’s drunken fellows. Subsequently,  they were affected by a gang of former criminals who involved them in their dirty tricks. In consequence, the elder one was charged with shoplifting and burglary, and the other one is sentenced to 7 years’ imprisonment for rape.

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to subdue the contemporary criminal world. The 21st century is the age of available firearms and widespread drugs, the time when even the most terrible felony is taken for granted because it is so often featured in media and discussed in social networks. The government desperately tries to cope with all acts of violence but even the most successful anti-crime policies usually lead to a failure. Most important of all, such serious crimes happen more and more frequently with children. Abuse of children in not new, but the amount of victims has rapidly increased since the last decade. Every day, children from the entire world suffer from different kinds of abuse, including physical, emotional, stranger and even Internet-related abuse. Each of the crime stated above can cause fatal consequences for the development and well-being of the child in the future. Nonetheless, I am sure, that the sexual exploitation and involvement in prostitution are the most horrific crimes, which can be committed against the human being. I suppose, such a notorious crimes cannot be justified and offenders deserve no mercy. To my mind, the only explanation for these terrible actions is that the offender once had experienced similar abuse in his childhood. I believe, only mentally ill people who went through serious bullying and domestic violence are capable of such terrible felony against innocent children.

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