The overall purpose of any piece of business writing it to communicate. At times it becomes difficult to communicate business information using complex language. In light of this issue, Edward Bailey in his work has underscored the importance of using plain language in communicating business information. In the era of information Technology, most organizations have adopted paperless approaches in their business communications.

Things like reports and memos should therefore be written in a plain and easy to understand language. The author complains that industry language is confusing and might not bring out the desired results from the target because of the tough wording that is associated with the language. Despite the fact that a the book is a good coach in writing and communicating using simple language in a business environment , the author has not put into consideration that some business cases like in the IT department require the use of sophisticated language so as to pass out the message to the target.

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On the other hand Mary Munter aims at guiding managers in the process of effective communication in a business organization. The author brings out the nature and form of communication which should give the required feedback after impacting on the receivers. The structuring of the message so as to achieve the objectives of communication has been overemphasized by Munter. She goes ahead to mention the obvious aspects of writing such as sentence structure and grammatical errors and how they can affect good business communication.

From a critical tone it should be underpinned that not all good managers are blessed with good writing skills despite that they posses good managerial experience and knowledge. The authors should have put into consideration, which managers and other personnel involved in the process of business communication quite often give instructions to their surbodinates and they expect excellent communication from them.

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