In various cultures and traditions, most of the experiences and viewpoints, for men, are normally seen as the normal things that the society should adopt for its survival. When considering the heterosexual masculine characteristics, they are normally taken to be the standards for overall living and handling of other individuals.

Therefore, everything moves around the masculine nature, and this is literally seen in the exercise of power and justice, especially in the public. This shows that in most of the cultures, men have a big role in taking care of the community in general, while women plays a role of being followers and supporters, therefore, men given a clear way off than female.

These assumptions are a clear illustration of what most of women go through, especially when it comes to making critical decisions concerning poser and justice. There are also indications that those men, who are unable to adhere to the societal roles that are set for them, are bond to face the criticism of the public. It can also mean that men who do not follow traditional roles face public criticism.

However, since gender is a concept that is significantly socially constructed, there is a clear possibility that issues related to it can be challenged and notably changed for the sake of taking the other side of avoiding such oppressive notions that normally exist between the role male and female. Therefore, this paper will be analyzing the issues of power and justice, as a comparison and contrast between men and female.

The effect of Gender

Human beings are greatly affected by the existing social constructs that are related to gender matters, and this is traced the time a person exists. The aspect of masculinity is normally brought into the mentality of men, since they are small, in many channels. Socially, men are always under pressure of denying their normal feelings because the society demands them to always act strongly. They do so for the purpose of proving their worthy, through domination in power and justice. At this level, the control or power and violence that are exhibited on others may be seen as the show of masculinity nature of men.

Therefore, this perception on socialization demoralizes the existence of human dignity and self-esteem of all that are concerned. In real life, men are often maltreated for the purpose of preparing them to enter into hard works that normally at the end it brings the aspect of gender violence, as many of them ends up dying or are even forced to kill.

In the article "Dead Husbands," Marsh brings out the aspect of girls often socialized in a way of making them deny their overall intellect, better listeners, being obedient, always proper in everything they do, and also proving their worthy through the idea of placing others first before their interests. In the article, it is clearly explained that since women turns out to be quite passive and silent, it is then taken to be as assign of femininity.

This perception about socialization is a key factor that helps in undermining the dignity of humans and probably fostering the aspect of victimizations amongst people. Therefore, when women are put under protection, it is always cited as away of giving them the right to do what they feel is right for them. At times, such protection can be used in various propagandas, as a way of justifying the existence of war, or even inciting the existence of war. In real sense, the concept war is taken to be gender violence, especially against women, and in this case, sexual hostility is used as a weapon of war.

In the article "Jury of Her Peers," Alkalay-Gut identifies gender perspective as a better way having clear insights into the overall work that are designed to bring peace by seeing justice realized by many. The article continues to report that the issues concerning masculinity and femininity are normally stationed at the base of all violence and are applied in support of various human conflicts. Therefore, to be able to understand how a given society is peaceful, one will have to look at the level of violence against women in general, which is being experienced at the time of peace.  This key indicator is important in helping various justice and peace initiative organizations to be effective in the fight against violence. They do so by being able to understand the whole spectrum that underlies the type of violence being experienced by ascertain community.

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Gender justice is an aspect that needs to be applied during reconciliation, especially when dealing with gender violence that might have happened during war or on general background. This consists of the cases where sexual violence that normally happens on men and women that requires to be eliminated by disclosing everything underlying its originality. Therefore, the existing peace movements normally work by ensuring that all matters surrounding gender and war, such as the cases of increased militarization of different women, the overall skills and working leadership that most of the women are believed to be competent at and how they make them more effective during peace-building. Also what is discussed is the aspect of how gender potentials and different highlights acts as a motivating factor for all men to continue with a fight that they expect a lot to happen at the end of the course.

In the article "Dead Husbands," Marsh Kelly gives a clear highlight of issues concerning gender and the pattern of transformation that are required in individuals who are surrounded with this concept of bringing change. Marsh purports that individuals who are assigned to bring changes in a social set up often assume the fact that people are significantly free from the degree of internalized suppositions that normally exist around the aspects of gender.

Such assumption has an effect of making people to avoid the need of gaining more knowledge about the injustice and thus being able to initiate possible change to take place. To dismantle the already existing structural violence in different communities, then personal and organizational transformation should be able to create working awareness and being able to initiate change and align to such change. This should also consist of cases where the dynamics within organizations, based on gender issues, should be worked out for the betterment of the society.  

Marsh Kelly continues to say that it has always been difficult to work on gender issues because they surround all people and are bond to move along with them. When faced with such situation, human beings tend to get down into fear, and this is taken to be worse because at times some may be sacred for just hearing about the violence. The most valid reason as to why people tend to behave this way is because they don't know how to go about such situations or may be they just don't want to deal with such situations, and probably are just afraid of more conflicts rising that will cause more division in their current state.

After reading "Dead Husbands," the other story that came about is about the book called "Men Are from Mars and Women Are from Venus," written by Dr. John Gray. In both, there is an illustration of the existing vast distinctions between the two sexes. When looking at such differences, it is made clear that women are often sympathized against men. Therefore this shows how women are living within the men's world, where they are seen as minority and they only heard when need be heard.

When comparing Minnie Wright to the dead canary, the theme of feminist is clearly gleaned. The canary is taken to a symbol of the confinement of Minnie Wright. It shows how Minnie was being engaged to John, who was really abusing her. The play indicates that before Minnie got married to John, she was beautiful and always happy, and it describes her as ma person who loved to sing, as this happened more often. This is affirmed by Mrs. Hale, who was telling Mrs. Peters "I wish you'd have seen Minnie Foster when she wore a white dress with blue ribbons and stood up there in the choir and sang"(Glaspell 981).

The movie "Race-ing Justice," shot in the year 2004, it mainly focuses on the theme of feminism and masculinity, where a woman is deprived of power and issues that are supposed to bring her to issues that are meant for all individuals. She represents a current woman who fights her way to achieving things that most of men have tried but failed. When it comes to justice and power, she evokes the indication that women should be on the same bar as men, and this has to come in all packages.

In conclusion, it has clearly been shown that everything moves around the masculine nature, and this is literally seen in the exercise of power and justice. This shows that in most of the cultures, men have a big role in taking care of the community in general, while women plays a role of being followers and supporters, therefore, men given a clear way off than female. The current world is surrounded by laws and policies that are meant to protect all individuals. The only aspect that is still at large is the issue of culture and tradition, which has bond people to generic core roles of men and women.

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