Education is the key to a bright future and the University of choice really matters. I am an ambitious young woman with dreams and aspirations that I want to achieve. I have worked really hard to get through the basic education in order to qualify to join University. This has not been easy and it came with a lot of challenges and sacrifices.

I want to join the esteemed family at Clark Atlanta University as I believe this is where I will gain the knowledge and skills to become a leader. Leadership is developed and I know that what I already posses will be sharpened into exceptional leadership qualities. Clark Atlanta University is a respected University in the United States. It is respected for upholding very good moral standings in its students and I hope to gain from this. The exceptional faculty is diverse and well placed to guide me as I drink from the fountain of knowledge. I will always consult with the faculty to ensure that I learn all that I can from them in the course of my studies.

The student body is made up of well behaved and highly motivated students. This provides a good background for me to become a leader by interacting with the best. The vast array of national sororities and fraternities also offers a great platform for me to interact with other students. These interactions are a good way to learn how to deal with people from different backgrounds with different opinions. This in turn is a necessary attribute for leaders to have since they interact with vast groups of people. The University offers a wide array of sports activities which assist in nourishing the both the mind and the soul during play. I intend to take advantage of the state of the art library services to access books on leadership skills.

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The alumnus of the University is very diverse and includes doctors, television and radio hosts, administrators, economists, actors, servicemen, CEO’s and legislators. These are great examples of the successful alumni from Clark Atlanta University. They are people holding prestigious leadership positions in the society and set a good precedence for aspiring leaders like me. A University which can boast of having such a degree of alumni must have something special, the Midas touch when it comes to guiding its students. I have the necessary attributes to become a leader and all I need is a place that will offer me the best in guidance in reaching my full potential.

Clark Atlanta University has upheld the culture of service derived from the original Clark College over a hundred years ago. This is what makes it the best place for me since I want to serve people and my country after my studies. I would like to learn the skills to become a better person and in the process assist more people with my services to the country. The diverse alumni prove that I am making the right choice since they all sharpened their leadership skills in this University. I want to be part of the Clark Atlanta University today so that I can be counted as part of the success story tomorrow.

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