As a child I was fascinated by the thought of leaving home to attend school far from home. I got chance to realize this dream when I got an admission letter to attend Troy University. I remember my excitement and the enthusiasm I felt on beginning the next phase in my life. High school was all behind me and I said goodbye to the safety nest of my parents’ home. My trip to Troy University felt like it was the longest journey of my life.

I was impressed the first time I got here. There were so many new students yet there seemed to be organization in the way we were welcomed to Troy. All the staff were so friendly and I admit the students assisted the new students to settle in. I had someone carry my bags to the hall and even offered to give me a tour around campus. By the end of my first day, I felt more at home than away from home. We were given a guided tour on the second day at campus and I was astonished at how vast the campus was. It was actually scary to think imagine how long it would take me to read all the books I saw in the library.

Classes have been the highlight of my stay here in Troy. I really enjoy being a student because the faculty makes it really interesting to study. Even the most difficult of classes is made to be simple by the dedication of the faculty. As a student, I feel secure knowing that my lecturers are always willing and ready t assist me in any way at any time.

The halls of residence are a comfortable place to reside in and I have found my second home. I have a room big enough to make me have my privacy. Having to spend the whole day in the company of fellow students, it is a welcome relief to have such a personal space. There are many diverse areas where one can have a decent meal and have fun. I have been able to make friends with so many people in the course of these interactions.

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Troy university was recognized by the Institute for International Studies as one of the best institutions in America for international students. I am in debt to Troy University for availing me the opportunity to interact with such a diverse student body. My class for instance is a mini United Nations and this is very good for international relations. The exposure to the many cultures available in campus makes us all appreciate other people in an immense way. I have friends from all the corners of the world that I would otherwise never have met.

As they say, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. There are numerous sporting activities to join and participate in. There is volleyball, soccer, basketball and softball and for those who want softer games there are numerous board games. The Trojan Centre has a wide array of equipment for those who want a gym to train in. I love swimming and I enjoy spending time splashing in the 25 yard swimming pool. The array of sports and outdoor activities is so diverse and one can find whatever they like within campus.

I have had the best time in the last one year I have been in Troy University.  I have enjoyed and appreciated every single day I have been on campus. The students here are so talented and gifted and I have to admit they offer a good challenge when it comes to academics. I have made more friends in the last one year to last a lifetime from all corners of the world. To top it all is that I have practiced the motto of Troy University, to educate my mind to think, my heart to feel and my body to act. 

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