Education is a crucial element in man’s life. It plays a vital role in transforming the way man lives, by making his life better in terms of the way he relates with various people. Education is a key thing in the success of man's life, comparing an educated person and uneducated person there exist so many differences in their way of doing thing.
In the discussion, I will use two metaphors to compare educated and uneducated person as well as compare the effect of education and lack of it on nature experience. Human beings living in an underground cave like dwelling will represent uneducated person while; light provided by fire burning far above and behind them indicating effects of education in their lives. Education acts as light in man's life it helps him to see have a wide scope of life in a different perspective, compared with a life of a man who totally do not have any education. Education opens doors of innovations in man's life where he finds better ways of making life easier, on the other hand,    lack of education in man's life make his life hard as there are no innovations that can make one's life easier. The fire burning shows that there are hope for a better tomorrow
in one life education despite the circumstances surrounding him. Education, therefore,  can give hope to the society,  and lack of it in the society will make people hopeless in many ways as there is no promise of a better future.
It is thus crucial to ensure that a society well educated as education has positive effects on man's life. It gives him hope and improves his quality of life in all aspects social, economic and
Education is a vital element for any given society. If the society is to achieve development,  a lot has to be invested in the  provision of education to all member of the society in order to improve their quality of life. Plato, a well-known philosopher, discussed the issues to do with importance/effects of education in a given society in his essay, “Republic cave.” He uses a number of metaphors to compare a society, which educated,  and the effects of lack of education on the nature, in the lives of men.
The prisoner inside the cave chained since his childhood, he sees fire,  and between the prisoner,  and fire,   there is a walkway. The people use this walkway to walk carrying things. The prisoners keep watching the shadow casted by men, but they are not aware that they are watching shadows. The prisoners use language to share various ideas concerning their imprisonment in the cave. They think that the echoes that they hear are real sounds but not only reflection of the reality that faces them. Anyone who escape from the cave viewed as a hero as he will have a break the chain of pain,  and will not be obligated to return  to the cave as he will be aware of his rights. This shows that education brings hope to those who are prisoners of illiteracy.
The world of the truth described in the image of release of the prisoner from the cave. The world of sunlight shows the world where the prisoner is aware of the world that surrounds him while the cave world shows the world full of illusion. The light give hope to the prisoner of becoming a better being as he is well aware of the things that surround him in life. The sun light do some expedient to the prisoners as it help them understand the world that they were living
which was fully of many unfamiliar things to them. Plato in his discussion indicates that the release of the prisoner from gives him hope, while the allegory of the cave shows that the prisoners do not have hope even after release from the cave.
The person converted to the world of the truth, and virtue would not have the problem going back to the cave ass he will have a better understanding of the environment that is within the cave. Philosophers would make clearly states men as they are aware of their rights and
they would use rationale in making decisions affecting the state.
Plato uses the cave essay to differentiate between the virtues of the body and soul by use of a prisoner who put in different kinds of environments. He shows that uses of reasoning in one’s life gives man’s hope in life, and help him to make sound decisions concerning issues
that affect them.
Education is thus, influential as its give ones hope in life, by knowing the truth about the world that he/she lives.

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