Selecting the university for study was my top priority, and I analyzed various institutions and studied their benefits prior to choosing *** University Masters Program based on the outstanding recommendations of alumni. Whereas stainless reputation of *** University is also guaranteed by the professional staff in charge of the courses being offered, my choice was unequivocal. 

Since early childhood, observance has been my distinct trait, which further developed into my all-embracing interest in science. When my aspirations for academic achievements have grown, I chose the first major in this field and got a degree of the Bachelor of Science in Zoology/Chemistry in 1979, and my quest for broadening the scope of knowledge and skills continued. As a part of my constant professional development, I attained an Associate Degree in Applied Health Sciences in 1988. Starting 1992, I entered a period of gaining experience and self-educating by working in various medical facilities and laboratories supervised by professors with excellent qualifications. On a similar note, I completed a number of graduate-level courses in order to remain up-to-date with the latest scientific methodologies and discoveries. Due to that constant enrichment of my academic and practical knowledge and experience in diverse ways was a part of my academic agenda, I became the Bachelor of Science in Health Science in 2010. Subsequently, I commenced taking Independent Study Research class for obtaining the ultimate writing skills. 

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Upon making a decision to pursue a Masters Degree, I completed a number of preparatory steps, including active involvement as a volunteer at the Center for Integrative Research on Cardiovascular Aging, where I worked at Magnimum Research Institute. The “bench to bedside” principle is a core of my research activities, combining outstanding laboratory and translational research in search of uncovering the underlying mechanisms related to cardiovascular disease among aging American adults. Apart from that, I provided assistance to my colleagues in their research and projects and worked on gaining a Certificate in Epidemiology and Biostatistics since this field fits my academic aspirations and gaining a Master’s Degree in Public Health remains my primary goal. 

Successful combination of study and work led me to discovering the quintessential importance of public health in defining the future trends in the area and most important innovative strategies. Attaining a Master’s Degree and becoming a high-qualified professional in the public health would enable me to contribute to the world community in the sphere I feel my devotion to. Undoubtedly, complicated courses and classes would provide me with the crucial qualifications for overcoming the long-lasting problems existing in the field of my specialty and discover solutions to the most severe cases. Hence, I sincerely hope for a positive response of the University with regard to my application and successful completion of the Masters program.


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