Personal Statement for University (Example 1)

Due to the fact that Murdoch University in Australia is recognized as one of the country's best research institutions, I feel so much convinced that this is my university of choice in which my competencies in healthcare industry and law are to be fostered and improved.  I chose Murdoch University since a flexible approach to learning is taken, allowing for varied admission pathways, including a variety of internal and external study alternatives. This enables one to choose whether to attend lectures, workshops and tutorials on campus as part of the course or decide to be sent all essential study materials and finish up the course without attending lectures on campus. By this, students can fit study just about their lifestyle and work commitments.

My desire to join Murdoch University in Australia is strengthened by the fact that I have acquired some experience in the field of Law, having worked in Gabriel Law Corporation in Singapore on internship basis. This internship fortified my apprehension on the way laws work in real-life, and in the legislation department. Indubitably, law is experienced everywhere and touches on everyone and therefore I believe that higher education in this field of study would be my own foremost benefit as well as to the prospective clients in the future. I also possess excellent oral communication skills as well as analytical approach towards problem solving which I believe are very relevant to the field of Law. The University provides an education that encourages one to think autonomously and critically.

I am aware that Murdoch University in Australia and her School of Law are committed to equality of educational opportunity and do not show discrimination against applicants according to race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or age. From this point of view, it is apparent that I will meet students from wide-ranging backgrounds who I can socialize with and further improve my socialization and interpersonal skills which I consider to be an advantage to the field of Law.

Apart from academia, I enjoy playing musical instruments and participating in sports. Specifically I enjoy tennis and training for the team in college school which has toughened my mental and physical abilities. With the university's reasonable number of clubs and organizations, I undoubtedly will participate in their operations due to my captivation in pro bono activities. I devotedly assisted the children's ministry by playing the keyboard in their band. For the weekly band practices, it required prolonged commitment of energy and time, as well as excellent team work skills, shrewdness and mental preparation. I believe that this responsibility and self discipline would be valuable for my future study in Law.

It is my belief that I will be doing well in the study of law at the university. Generally, I am both socially and academically equipped to be challenged at splendid schools that offer highest quality education. I understand that Law involves excessive amount of effort and time, and therefore aspire to be enrolled at your esteemed University.

Personal Statement for Business Studies (Example 2)

The BSc (Hons) Business Studies course at the Cass Business School is an opportunity that will provide me with instrumental possibilities which would help me to be successful in the business field. To acquire a successful career in the profession, I will need good skills because they may be vital and invigorating in the ever-evolving business field. These skills include: problem resolution, quick thinking as well as practical and interpersonal skills that will enable me eventually to succeed in a wide array of enterprises.

In my opinion, my personal traits and inquisitive nature are suitable for studing business course. This is due to the fact that as a creative and innovative individual, I do not require prescriptive briefs to guide my professionalism. With the institution’s module, my placement as an apprentice will be of crucial significance. I could learn to solve different issues in the modern business world in an effective manner.

The BSc (Hons) Business Studies course at the Cass Business School is regarded as a first class business degree not only in the United Kingdom but also all over the world. This leadership course gives the opportunities to work in various fields such as Finance, Business Management, Human Resource Management and Marketing. This asserts the course as an essential toolkit that will largely prepare me for the dynamic world of business.

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With its programmes aimed at developing of careers and the establishing of key contacts that direct towards leading employers, Cass Business school will provide me with networks that are significant in my profession. Therefore, as I enroll for the BSc (Hons) Business Studies course, I am certain that my ability to operate with top employers in the real world will be enhanced.

Personal Statement for PhD Study (Example 3)

My profound interest in literature and my consequent decision to sustain my education in this field of study is the outcome of my insightful interest in literal studies. Having done BA in English Language and Translation at King Saud University, KSA as part of my undergraduate, entailing programmes such as Reading Translations and Foreign writing, I saw it important to concentrate on Translation as part of my PhD programme. Consequently, I comprehend the influences of language on English Literature and translation's role in writing, creativity and reading.

Literature entails many areas of concern such as plays, creative writing, foreign works all of which form the heart of translation. This even elevates my need to enroll for this course as these subjects' combinations are majorly what I got involved in as my personal literary project. As part of broadening my understanding of what I am enrolling for currently, Translation, I am ready to go an extra mile and carry out thorough research and study in this field.

MA in Translation and Interpreting at Durham University, UK was my main area of study at postgraduate level which gave me an upper hand in my area of interest and boosted my interest to study translation at PhD level. This also helped me expand knowledge concerning cultures and foreign literature. My academic qualification coupled with my commitment to research gives me the needed motivation to tirelessly work day and night and ensure that I become successful in my journey of a doctorate degree.

My inspiration to further pursue translation was as a result of my friend, a classmate, back in high who was a foreign student and could experience difficulties in understanding English language hence a need for translation. The fact that he was very close to me left me with no option hence to act as his translator. With my help, he quickly picked up speaking the language and I quickly decided that such would be an environment in which I wanted to work within. I additionally understood that any improvement in can only be achieved with considerable theoretical gain. In an era where the movement of people and cultures across the world is at its pick due to globalization and enhanced use of information technology, there is a dire need for translation experts to help in ensuring that no one fails to communicate or understand information presented in a different language.

Currently, I am employed as at Quassim University as a translation teacher where I have been since 2009. Consequently I teach Interpreting, Machine Translation and General Translation and I really enjoy what I am doing and like my job. Here I interact with people from all walks of lives and different cultural backgrounds and the main thing I learn from them is that for success to be achieved, one must work very hard. To achieve my goals, speaking the language alone will not be working hard enough and can not aid me to achieve my goals but to go a notch higher and know the languages of the world by translation and interpreting. Furthermore, thoughts only will not accomplish my dreams hence the need for more exposure and training in this area. These are the actual factors acting as my major driving force.

My aim to study this course is to add value to the way people perceive the language and other culture they do not understand by translating them into what they can easily understand. This will go a long way in helping people settle freely in places without fear of anything. Career wise, I observe myself working as a translator of both literal writings and languages. Doctoral studies are very important to me in many ways. First of all, I will gain practical translating experience that I am keen to obtain, enhance my skills while at the same time acting as my expertise stepping stone.

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