My name is Bobby Trivedi. I am from Nepal. I am a family man who got married seven years ago; and so far, we have been blessed with a little wonderful son. Currently, I am living with my family, my wife and son, in the United States where we recently moved to in order to facilitate my further studies.

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I studied at the Brooks Child School in Nepal where I completed my high school. I then went to Columbus state where I completed my prerequisite in management, which lasted for two years before moving to the United States to pursue higher education at the Selam State University where I am in my second semester doing bachelors of management with a minor in Enterprise management. So far, I have enjoyed my time at the Selam State University where I have been able to associate with students and both the teaching and non-teaching staff very positively.

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I am very optimistic about my future in this University and the future of my career. The reason is that for the two semesters I have been in the school and before applying for a position, I was sure that the quality of education offered coupled with the vibrant learning environment would positively influence my career and life.

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I like reading materials of different natures, watching shows raging from several genres, and going out for fishing during my leisure time. I have been able to establish a network of people from different walks of lives across the places that I have lived who have a similar interest as I have. It has enabled us to utilize our leisure times doing the things we like most without interfering with other people and to benefit the communities living around us.

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