The Head of Department,

Lushan School,

City XXX


      It pleases me to write this reference letter on behalf of…. …. has been a student in the class of Arts and Communication in the Lushan International Experiment School. Throughout his two years in college, …performance has been gradually accelerating, and I have observed him grow into a well-rounded and accomplished young man. He is a determined student who always focuses to achieving his goals, which makes him one of the best students in his class in all grades. He has always maintained a high Grade Point Average mark throughout his college life. This attributes to the fact that he promptly takes his lessons and always completes his assignments.

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      Helping others has always been … goal in life. As a students’ welfare leader in his last four semesters in college, he has always mentioned that he values helping others, and he never tires doing help to others. He participated in several Mentoring Programs and was a leader of the Peer Counselors club. He has volunteered in a number of activities including three Nutrition Awareness programs in the local district and environmental cleaning projects. Additionally, he has exceptional writing and research skills. One of his most outstanding work is the research he carried out about obesity among the teenagers. He did it so well that the Ministry of Health in China adopted it.

      Moreover, he displays excellent skills as a team leader and blends well with other members of the group he is allocated. Many students, teachers and support staff from all levels like him, for he is social and makes friends with all kinds of students. I am recommending him for this course in your institution for I am sure his creativity, skills and hard work are adequate for such this course, and by doing he will be of immense help to his community back home and to all in all parts of the world. I am confident that … has enormous potential as a student and will be proficient in both academics and research at your University.

Yours Sincerely,


Head of Department

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