I highly recommend … as a student in your institution. I have known … for two years as his Head of Department in the school of Science at Lushan International Experiment School. … has undertaken a Health Science course in this college. I am sure all will enjoy having him as a student in your facility due to his excellent organizational and leadership skills. … is a goal-oriented person who is always committed to delivering excellent results in every project or assignment he undertakes. He has established goals and so works hard to achieve the goals. This has made him maintain a high Grade Point Average throughout the course.

Punctuality is one of … principles, coupled with exceptional accomplishment of any assignments he undertakes. This, accompanied with his hard work has made him one of the best-performing candidates in this department and the whole college in general. As the head of this department, I always receive requests from students to refer to them for further studies. However, I only do this for the best-suited potential candidates for any course intended.

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Throughout his college life, I have known … as a person who is passionate about helping others. He has initiated plans to help the less fortunate in school and participated in community development projects such as planting trees and helping in mobile awareness clinics. He, also, is competent and talented in communication and writing skills, having scored the highest mark in Research Projects in during his final year.

I am highly confident that … will be a treasurable asset in University due to his incomparable research skills, creativity and hard work. I am ready to provide any other relevant information needed about him upon your request.

Yours Sincerely,


Head of Department.

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