My name is Matilde Silva. I was born in San Martin, Mednoza in Argentina on April 5, 1957. I am married with three children two of whom are sons and a daughter. I spent the first thirty years of my life in my country and then moved on to take on new residence in Spain where I stayed up to 1992 before moving on to Miami in Florida with my family. In Miami I undertook a career in education and studied to become an elementary teacher. Since then I have been working as a teacher. I wish to bring to your attention that being an elementary teacher has been quite satisfactory to me significantly because of the importance that I associate with being an elementary teacher. I have explained the importance of this profession below.

Personally I believe that apart from the parents who form a solid foundation for a child elementary teachers form very useful foundation for the future of a child. A solid foundation is required for a child to have the right start in life. It is at the early ages that children custodians pin point talents in children and endeavor to develop them. Having the right foundation therefore means that a child has a headstart in life. According to the Reuben (2009), elementary teachers are considered as the second parents to children (p. 1). They assist a great deal to teach children the basics of life. As matter of fact life in the US has become so busy that parents rarely spend quality time with their children. This implies that the secondary parents are left to take charge of the children. In this age of postmodernism if good virtues are not instilled in a person while still at the early years it becomes hard to curve a good society out of the children later. Therefore, being an elementary teacher gives a chance to shape the lives of children and make a big contribution towards shaping the future society.  

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Apart from acting at the capacity of a second parent to help in shaping the lives of the children, I have taken purposed to ensure that all the children who pass through my classes have their needs met. I take time to talk with the children and understand their needs. I also purpose raise issues with the parents of the children in case the need arises. This has given me a lot joy because I know I am developing future leaders and talents for the future. Relating with the children as an elementary teacher has made it possible for me to better understand children and even relate well with my children. I must say it is exciting to be an elementary teacher as you get the chance of impacting a life for life time.

Being born in Argentina, travelled to Spain and now in Miami Florida I must say that being an elementary teacher has been quite satisfying. I attach a lot of importance being an elementary teacher because of the impact it has on the lives of children.

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