Michelle Obama made her speech in London girls where she was calling upon the students to be very serious in their education. The first lady of America told the students that education can help them to make the world a better place to live in. In her speech, she told the students that everything can be achieved through education.

She specifically called upon the girls to be serious in their education in order to empower themselves. She said that they should work hard to be at the top and also to make an influence in the society in order to create opportunities for others to also move up the ladder. She gave her own experience of how she encountered hardships during her childhood and how education has taken her to great heights. This was meant to encourage students to work hard in their education because it is through it that one can overcome life hardships. Through education one is able to run a family, prosper in life and the world as a whole gains from learned people.

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Michelle Obama told the students that they are the tomorrow's leaders and therefore they should start cultivating their leadership skills as early as possible so that they will be in a position to make the world a better place to live in tomorrow. Education will help generations and more generation because it is through it that the economy of the country will prosper, people will live health lives and the living standards will rise.

The first lady also called upon the leaders to devote resources and time in ensuring that education is taken seriously by everybody. This she said will help in achieving and making the world better. Leaders should also motivate the teachers in order to help them to transfer knowledge to the students effectively.

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