At the time when Ms. Bates took over as principal at Stuart High School in Virginia, a number of incidences occurred that set a platform for ethnic tension. The conflict took place between students of different racial origins. All began in the year when the school opened doors to black students and the situation deteriorated with influx of more students from abroad. Just to delineate the driving forces of this conflict, communication problems was at the peak as it defined associations and interactions in the school thus making the whole matter abysmal. Cultural matters and prejudice also gravened the whole situation inflicting disparities based on dressing code and spread of information (Roush, 1992).

To bring this conflict at bay, the principal involved the school administration to audit and assess the whole matter then employed peaceful methods in solving the conflict among students. This turned out so appropriate due to the nature of the conflict and the age of the parties involved (students who are barely of age). The administration led by the principal used subservient meetings as a strategy whereby meetings of American students who participated in the fights as well as Hispanics where held differently then later jointly and facilitators led discussion on a number of crucial topics.

After bring all the parties to the parties to the same page, the resolution became open and that was formation of a voluntary organization known as SAVE (Students Against Violent Environments). This was to facilitate group bonding since it had representative from all groups regardless of their phenotypic or genotypic make up (Roush, 1992). Actually, this yielded massive results affirmed by the fact that there were no registered conflicts in the following year while SAVE was finally registered as a club where leadership and mediation was eminent.

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Leadership and Management

As a manager in my own organization, motivating employees would be something to accede about. Actuated by a desire to see results, as a manager, ensuring that the employees’ opinions are taken in at all times would be a motivation factor. This gives the employees sense of belonging and a free environment to verbalize their feelings. Besides, hearing out juniors at all times suppressed any occurrence of strikes that disrupt the work flow since there are proper channels of communication and feedback at any time. Also as an employer, giving tokens of appreciations and awards after a work period would be an important step towards boosting the morale and level of satisfaction of all employees.

Considering two great leaders that I would greatly love to work with, the first would an individual of high integrity, charismatic, envisioned and hardworking. Another kind would need to be empathetic (must show concern for the welfare of others), industrious, bold, flexible and quick (Kennedy, 2006). It may not be possible for a single person to attain the mentioned traits but two can based on the human law of imperfection of man as perfection best suits angels. As an employer, I would give in to hire both but on choice of one, the first individual best suits due to the integrity and vision.

Taking a thorough soul search to determine my adornment as a leader, it is crystal clear to me that I am well positioned to leader. Life and school having been the primary source of learning of leadership, I am well placed to be a manager and a leader just as an adage goes, great leaders are made not born. One essential trait that I have identified is team working.  Leadership is all about socially influencing others for accomplishment of a purpose and with that skill, it is possible to leader.

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