My personal definition of diversity influences my approach to business classes and future career as evidenced by the following discussion. Diversity management is a designed approach to ensure that the adopted new ways are implemented smoothly and long term advantages of transformation are achieved. Therefore, one expects various diversity managers to adopt new schemes and administrative practices such as conferencing and collaboration in their management toolkit.

In business class and profession, the diversity management practices include empowering stakeholders in their individual limitations and facilitating the use of new working methods, which need some set of toolkits to facilitate system transformation. Administrative practices, such as fair employment, rehabilitative, training, and provision of other social amenities without discrimination, help a company in its diversity management strategies. It is advisable that the practices include various concepts, such as ascertaining individual differences and abilities so that the specific talents are not wasted. In addition, this would limit the possibility of conflicts happening in an organization. Moreover, the focus on diversity should be on its impact, especially on people and how the involved individuals, either acting as teams or as separate individuals, get out from the situation to a new one. The diversity in an organization ranges from a simple alteration of the process to major transformation of the strategy or policy required to drive the organization to its highest potential, through conferencing and collaboration.

Conferencing and collaboration are used in promoting diversity, especially in business class and profession. In this regard, diversity managers are guaranteed to get better solutions with maximum involvement of an organization’s stakeholders. Therefore, conferencing enables various stakeholders and managers to focus on diversity so that a manager can succeed. It is evident that through conferencing, the diversity management options, which an organization may intend to implement, can be managed effectively because of the involvement of all participants. In sum, it is evident that understanding of the concept of diversity helps in one’s business class and his/her future career. 

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