The problem solving approach can possibly hinder creative thinking by allowing possible solutions to be ranked against each other at the brainstorming stage thus setting in conformity instead of originality and freshness. It also leads to persons ignoring possible solutions to problems that are not yet in existence but are imminent in the future. The phrase "if it isn't broke don't fix it" is used by the author to explain circumstances where if there is no evidence of a real problem say in an organization or a product, there is no need to work on improving it just like one would do when solving an existent problem

The "wow experience is a feeling that engulfs someone when they accomplish an activity that is highly creative. Creative thinking just like normal thinking exists in many different ways and forms and can be easily dismissed without much thought however, creative thinking differs from normal thinking in the sense that its results lead to great transformation of an organization or product.

Creative thinking is not a natural process of the brain it requires one to practice in order to attain perfection. The mind is like a database with millions of pieces of unsorted data. Every time a piece of information is sought and found, it's organized into a form that is more accessible. Next time it is sought, finding it is faster. The more times information is sought the faster it becomes to find.

Thinking outside the Square is difficult to do because to get into it in the first place is a huge task and once one has gotten in, they create boundaries to protect ourselves. To get at it one need to stop "digging the same hole deeper and instead dig new holes elsewhere using new tools".

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A.   Increase the number of outlets

B.   Re-brand the main products

C.   Establish a creative team to be in charge of design and marketing

D.   Diversify their product to capture emerging markets

E.   Start a talent search and peg it to the company's  product to it

F.    Participate in charity events that will increase product visibility

G.   Enlist a renown magician to be the product ambassador

H.   Enlist the use of company's products in blockbuster movies

I.    Attach surprise gifts to consumers on products

J.    Invent catchy slogans to go along with products.

Back hat thinking is judgmental thus creating a barrier to creativity especially due to its nature of being "absurd". The cautious nature of black hat thinking is also a major suppressant of creativity in the sense that outrageous ideas are not given a chance to exist.

Creative work culture helps solve problems in the best way possible. Creative work culture allows for solutions to a problem to be looked at from every possible angle and the best one chosen.

Creative work culture allows for possible future problems to be solved this it does by allowing the dismissal of the negative notion of "if it ain't broke don't fix it" and replacing it with the notion "if it ain't broken why not?"

For one to instigate a creative culture in the organization they need to encourage brainstorming sessions during problem solving and follow the prescribed mode of brainstorming.

The organization should also avoid the culture of ritualizing its activities since this leads to decay in creativity.

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