There are several factors that make one a good driver. A good driver is supposed to observe all road usage rules and guidelines. He or she should have steady concentration throughout a session. This helps one's mind to fully focus on driving. The probability of accidents likely to occur is minimized if a driver concentrates when driving.

A good driver should have good anticipation. This is best explained as defensive driving.  One should be able to notice everything that happens around when driving. This guides one into defensive driving which is essentially a very important skill.   A good driver changes the area of vision often when driving. He looks back by using the side mirror especially when he wants to overtake or change lanes. He looks side ways to ensure that he is not as close to other cars as to likely cause an accident. He looks forward to ensure that when the driver in front applies brakes, he can instantly swerve or decide to induce emergency breaks.  Anticipating helps a driver to see any road signs in front of him like sharp corners, zebra crossings or possibilities of accidents ahead. A good driver takes care of himself as well as taking care of other motorists on the road (Driving Standards Agency 105).

A good driver should have at minimum average driving skill. One should change gears without jerking passengers in the car. When breaking, accelerating and when taking sharp corners, one should have the other passengers in mind. Constant practice of good driving and applying common sense helps to make one a good driver. Good driving skill is aided by personal instinctive discipline. One should not be very fast in applying every skill that he or she knows when driving. Calmness in driving should be adhered to so that proper driving can be put to task (Caffelle and Newman 28).

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A good driver should have the good attitude when driving. One should not carry anger and other personal problems to the driving situation. Tolerance and tranquility is an important factor when driving. When a driver has the right attitude, skill and expertise, the possibilities of accidents are almost zero. The proper attitude helps one to concentrate in driving rather than concentrate in the issues disturbing him or her.

Knowledge of the road or the Highway Code makes one a good driver. Different roads or highways have their codes that are supposed to be considered when driving. A good driver should know the speed limits that certain highways prescribe. Different highways have same and different road signs. For one to be a good driver he should be able to understand all these road and highway signs and apply them appropriately.  This knowledge may be acquired by taking the road theory test.

Self discipline is an important attribute of a good driver. A good driver should in every way possible have self discipline. The ability to observe road rules and regulations and respecting other road users, stems from self discipline. A driver who does not have self discipline does not observe road regulations, ignores speed limits and road markings and parks wrongly. A good driver does the opposite of this. He or she does not succumb to time pressure at the cost of road safety.  A driver who has self discipline respects other road users and does not scare drivers who are learning to drive or those who have not perfected driving.

A good driver should posses a clean and valid driving license and try as much as possible to avoid causing accidents. A good driver should obey the traffic police. When the police stop him or her for instance, he or she should stop and listen to what they may want to tell him because it may be a matter of life and death. A good driver should therefore posses the above qualities.

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