A two story house provides the owner with countless benefits. It is arguably less expensive to construct compared to a one story house per square foot. This is because as compared to the ground floor, constructing the first floor is less costly. This construction style also allows for a small footprint on the plot of construction. This leaves ample space for additional features. It is also important to note that these types of houses are environmentally friendly as they are cheaper to heat when compared to one story house that are of the same size. I will look at some of the features in a two story house (Springer 149).

A two floor offers ample spaces that could be modified for storage such as beneath the stairway. Built-ins that are carefully placed in the house  allows the family to make use of most space that is usable in the house and as such frees up the space that could have been occupied by furniture for storage. However, it is also important to provide a mudroom that is specifically designed as a store and usually located between the kitchen and the garage. This storage room should have a cloak roam as well as rows of shelves from the floor to the ceiling allowing each member of the family to have at least one. This room is strategic as it provides a buffer zone between the garage's fumes and the food prepared in the kitchen (Editors of Creative Home Owner and Creative Home Press 259).

The second floor provides the perfect space to put a loft. This provides a perfect area where a family can put a computer for use by all members as well as a hobby area. Setting up the loft with a built-in desk also makes it an ideal environment that the children can use to study as it is close to their bedrooms. A popular practice today is to have the loft overlook the family room which gives that room the feeling of space (Editors of Creative Home Owner and Creative Home Press 33).

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A living room should be a delight for the family as well as the guests the family entertains.  As such, the room should have a large window that allows a lot of sunlight to enter the room and a fire place for that warm cozy feeling. Having large windows or door ways opening to the garden exaggerates the room size creating an illusion of space. It is also common to have the ceiling of this room occupy the entire two floors to make it feel more spacious (Editors of Creative Home Owner and Creative Home Press 56).

The kitchen has become a prime room in modern houses with well designed kitchens boosting the house's value. This room should preferably be centrally located. Modern kitchens have more storage as well as counter space. An open plan combining the kitchen with the dining area also allows for intimate meal times full of flavor and the aroma from the kitchen (Editors of Creative Home Owner and Creative Home Press 259).

A common belief by marketers is that people feel safer while sleeping one flight up. This is possible in a two story house where most of the bedroom can be located on the upper floor. Having the bedrooms in the upper floor is also convenient in that it is usually more quite and away from the hustle and bustle of the floor beneath. This creates the serene environment necessary for a good sleep. This design also allow for better ventilation with rooms being fitted with windows on different walls allowing the breeze and light to enter from different directions (Springer 150).   

The small footprint presented by the two-story house allows many families to enjoy the luxury of having a garden on the space that is left. This is convenient space that can be used for a number of social activities such as barbeques as well as providing space for children to play out in the sun. A flowery garden provides the perfect setting for a lazy weekend during summer (Editors of Creative Home Owner and Creative Home Press 209).

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