A clear meaning that appears is constructing business practice into the mainstream of organization progress, which is a long-term undertaking that needs a procedure of cultural transformation. In order to describe and define the type of manners needed for corporate responsibility, it is crucial to consider leadership qualities, organization skills, and spontaneous abilities.

Leadership qualities in comprehending the initial spot is the qualities that are in the field of individual thoughts and beliefs. These deep-seated individual qualities can alter and progress over time. Management skills-Management skills rest in difference to leadership qualities since they can be trained and improved over the short period. They include of detailed features of management practice such as stakeholder exchange of ideas and joint venture building.

Reflexive abilities-These abilities correspond to an amalgamation of leadership qualities and management skills. They can be portrayed as the major proficiencies essential to incorporate ecological and considerations into the central part of business decision making. They include; accepting diversity and managing risk, systemic thinking, matching local and global perspectives, emotional awareness, developing a new language and meaningful dialogue (Berenson & Bryan, 2009).

Excellent organizations nowadays employ competencies to define and drive high performance. Those responsible for management accept that competencies comprise a mixture of knowledge, skills, and attitude. These three could be explained as how an administrator acts in terms of skills, what he or she requires, identifying in terms of knowledge, and what they must be in terms of attitude in order to put into operation the corporate responsibility into their decision making (Chowdhury, 2003).

Group project

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Focusing back on the group assignment that I summarized, each of our group members had to give a summary of the findings. The summary included giving more examples of corporate organizations and how these corporate organizations are formed and maintained. It also included identifying how these corporate organizations demonstrate political competence. Knowing how these organizations are structured, and maintained helps in identifying how these organizations have achieved their results (Hardina, 2007))(.

Healthcare organization's corporate citizenship

The corporation that comes to mind is the MedAssets Corporate Citizenship, a corporate and charitable giving organization as is revealed by the programs it has preferred to sustain. The corporate organization divides in the public responsibility to give back and offer a helping hand to the less privileged in time of necessity. One of the Programs the organization supports is the MedAssets Heart and Soul program. The core values of MedAssets include character, compassion, confidence, and commitment. These qualities have led to the success of MedAssets, as they explain how workers perceive the organization and perform the day-day business of the organization (Ashridge Centre for Business and Sustainability, n.d.). These concepts generate a corporate culture that pushes productivity while allowing workforce to be proud that they serve a company that endeavours to attain such respectable principles. The Heart and Soul program supports workforce proposals to assist others through the giving of MedAssets most important assets their consideration, skill, and time. The organization pays its workers hourly rate or a normal salary for up to five business days per calendar while the individual volunteers are offered approved and qualified charitable organization of their choice. In my opinion, MedAssets is above average as it offers its workforce the opportunity to find the time to serve and foster giving.

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