This assignment presents an extensive research into a fashion marketing, which became successful in its campaigning strategy.                                  

A fashion marketing campaign is developed for the purpose of taking care of the needs, wants, and demands of a particular set of consumers and which attains its objective by deploying an effective marketing mix altogether. A successful marketing campaign focuses on four factors considered to be effective when success in the industry is concerned. The four aspects include product development stage, for which the consumers are given the mandate to stipulate their respective needs. It should be noted that in the current market place, the consumers are perceived to be much aware of their needs and their rights, because the success in a marketing campaign depends entirely with the capability to tailor their needs altogether. The second aspect consists in the price cost, which is modified to suit the different market segmentations. The third factor is the distribution management which is considered as the main facet in determining the convenience and the availability of the product in the market at large. The fourth important factor instigates the modes used in communicating and promoting the product. In promotion products are perceived in terms of their respective image to defined set of buyers.

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 According to the personal analysis, I believe that the campaign used in publicizing Christian Dior was much effective in attaining its objective. This is proved by the fact that the designer’s name continues to be as marketable as the products created in his name. The different perfumes and clothing line in his name turned out to be the most sought throughout the world with each individual sensitive to fashion, desiring to possesses at least one if not all of the items bearing the logo of his name. He is also known to have defined the outlook of new business strategies in the fashion industry when he developed Dior as a universal brand across a wide range of products. The Dior clientele base developed through a range of products; it included names such as Ava Gardner, Marlene Dietrich, Princess Margret and the Duchess of Windsor. He is known to have taken the opportunity which availed itself when the public were in dire need of a new look after the World War II. His other goal was to revive the Paris Couture Trade which had lost its initial objective. He did so by delivering much excitement into the industry and made it functional again. Throughout the 50’s, his name was the biggest name behind the largest brand as well as the largest operational couture house in Paris. His closest rivals like Pierre Balmain and Cristobal Balenciaga never had the power to influence a large base of supporters as Dior had. I believe that the brand Dior developed an effective marketing campaign when it took to establish personal relationships with their clientele base and in turn nurture it to bear much profit. The success of its campaigns is perceived when the brand grew to cater for Hollywood stars, New York socialites and departmental stores all across North America. For instance, a departmental store in Chicago and nine of its subsidiaries transformed into Dior couture as well as marble-lined salons which sold Dior perfumes and other clothing products.

All in all, the designer Christian Dior has brought an extensive revolution into the fashion industry as the sense of fashion was born again. I believe that his efforts and passion in the industry were the major determinants of success which he recorded as a designer.

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