1.0. Executive Summary

The Spa at Chewton Glen Hotel and Country Club has been described as a haven which has continued to provide services to guests who feel that they have become weary of the existing hustles of life. Several guests have embraced the services which are offered by the hotel cum country club while others have gone to the extent of presenting it with distinguishable awards which ranges from Laurent Perrier Spa Award as well as World travel Awards of 2006. The hotel began as a country house owned by George Marryat between 1837 and 1855. The existing trail is thought to have been used by olden smugglers to bring in contrabands before disappearing into the New Forest and beyond. On the other hand, George’s brother, Capt. Fredrick Marryat stayed at the house for an extensive period of time and later got the inspiration from the prevailing magical countryside and seafront neighboring the Hotel. The Hotel has conservative kind of staffs who are trained to understand the very need of every guest in not only a peculiar way but also sympathetically leaving the guest feeling completely at home. The décor of the Hotel is completely made up of traditional colors with numerous bedrooms which comprise of latest Bang and Olfusen sound systems. In 2005, Chewton Glen opened a modern treatment and therapy spa in partnership with Moulton and Brown. This spa facility is equipped with Life Fitness CV equipment and has employed the services of well trained therapists and fitness instructors who use both ancient and modern techniques to relax or invigorate the mind and body according to the various specifications stipulated by the guests.

The facilities at the spa is extensive in nature and include among others: a 17-metre ozone-treated swimming pool, relaxation rooms, outdoor whirlpool, cold-drench showers, 10 treatment rooms, Linda Meredith skin care, Molton Brown body treatments and a dancing studio with daily program of exercise and relaxation classes.

2.0. A Report on the Case Study: Relax and Take It Easy At the Spa in Hampshire

On the report, I will provide explanations to the questions posed regarding the case study. According to the provided facts, I have reasons to believe that the industry upon which ‘The Spa at Chewton Glen Hotel and Country Club” operates in is rather a mixed industry in the sense that it varies from the hospitality, tourism and travel to Health industry at large.

My report further indicates that as a hospitable, tourism and travel destination, Chewton Glen Hotel has continued to offer customized and perfectly sensitive kind of service to its guests. The present conservative staffs are trained to provide this kind of services to the arriving guests. The trails which have been known to exist within the vicinity of the Hotel have been the most attractive feature which the arriving guests used to make their way into the seafront (Crump 2006, p.1-2). This is definitely an element of tourism and the guests have been noted stipulating the importance of taking the trail into the seafront as both intriguing and a moment worth experiencing in a person’s life time. The décor at the Hotel is also an attractive feature to the visiting guests. The décor is said to be made up of various ancient colors which range from gold to claret and cream. The bedrooms in the Hotel are also furnished with modern kind of sound systems which include Bang and Olfusen (Clements 2007, p.1).

It should also be noted that with the introduction of a health club and relaxing high-tech spa amenities at the Hotel has triggered the rise in the amount of guests visiting it each year. This has been attributed to the need of providing for both the psychological and physical lifestyles changes which guests have continued to search for while touring and travelling around various destinations in the world.    

As a Health industry, The Chewton Glen Hotel has continued to provide services which are aimed at reducing stress and which prevent individuals from getting into the treatment phase of their lives. It should be noted that the spas, health and wellness facilities have been encouraged so much in the tourism industry to provide both physical and psychological lifestyles which consumers have been in dire need of for the purpose of checking on their various health conditions. It is said that the ancient Greek and the Romans were a few of the greatest participants in travelling for the purpose of finding health and spiritual improvements. It is also noted that it is this groups which were responsible for introducing treatment centers to the larger part of Britain. It is, therefore, this search for human beings which triggered the extensive developments in wellness centers as well as holistic retreats and spas. The Chewton Glen saw the need of providing health improvements to the guests who visited the Hotel for both pleasure and relaxation purposes.      

According to my report, I believe that the key strengths of Chewton Glen Hotel are that it has a rich historical background of its existence as it was founded in the early 1800’s. This aspect makes it a more reliable resort since it has gotten an ample time which it used to learn and perfect on the various needs of the guests.

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The Chewton Glen Hotel has also been voted as the United Kingdom’s favorite spa retreat. This strong point has helped it to remain as the most popular resort in not only the country of its origin but also in the world hence the increase in the number of guests who have taken the journey to the Hotel to enjoy the various services provided by it. The Hotel has also been receiving positive remarks especially by the British reviewers who include Vincent Crump. Vincent Crump is a famous writer of the Sunday Times newspaper who writes reviews about the most sought after destinations in the United Kingdom. Another reviewer, Elizabeth King, who writes for a magazine called Australian Gourmet Traveler, wrote that the Chewton Glen Hotel was amongst the top ten spa retreats in the whole world. This ranking attributed to the Hotel is considered as a strength element which has continued to put it amongst the classy spa retreats in the whole world, hence, attracting a large number of guests. The rankings have also been perceived as a positive way of advertising the spa in the international market.

The Hotel has also been presented with the most prestigious award in the hospitality, travel and tourism industry. Laurent Perrier Spa Award for which it was a joint winner to England Leading Spa Resort by the World Travel Awards in 2006. The Hotel is also unique in the way it provides its services. Unlike the other Spa retreats in the industry, the Chewton Glen Hotel has invested in its human resource so that their therapists are amongst the most qualified staff in the business. They possess the capability and ability to provide therapeutic services in a rather conservative way. The staff has also the ability to handle the guests in a rather sympathetic manner which has continued to act as an attractive feature for the Hotel (Myers, Sweeney& Wilmer 2005, p.1).

However there are various services which have continued to play as threats to the classy hotel. The threats include the services offered by the Apex City Quay Hotel & Spa. According to Travel Trade (2007,p.1) Apex City Quay Hotel & Spa has incorporated the need of providing spa facilities while at the same time protecting the environment against any harm which may destroy the environment at large. Other services which are portrayed as potential threats to those offered at the Chewton Glen Hotel are provided by the five-star Four Seasons Hotel. In this hotel guests are offered shiatsu massages and treatments which increase the Qi energy flow as well as Zen influence of which is to calm guest’s soul completely (King 2007, p.1).

The five-star Four Seasons Hotel is also a destination upon which the rich and famous converge with the purpose of receiving natural modes of massaging which improves the skin. In Cryotherapy Centre in Poprad, guests receive unique services which expose their body to temperatures as low as minus 120 degrees Centigrade and afterwards plunging them into mineral water pool. This service has received international attention given that it progresses the condition of health of the visiting guests. It is also believed to possess the ability of enlivening the mind and soul.

I believe that Chewton and Glen Hotel is in a better position to introducing the Sauna and Steam bath to the list of its portfolio. This is because the service is gaining extensive consideration from other European countries as a whole. In introducing this service, the Hotel will be able to attract international guests who are familiar and fond of the aforementioned practice.

I believe that Chewton Glen Hotel is providing for physiological needs which fall under the first Maslow’s hierarchical need. The specific physiological need is that of health. It provides relaxing spa treatments as well as health related facilities. This is evident when the Hotel introduced a health club as well as spa center in its premises. The Hotel targets individuals who are in constant travels in pursuit of both health and spiritual improvements in their lives.

Considering the vast attention provided by the daily news items, the characteristic change in lifestyles has been perceived to increasing the need to stay fit and healthy, especially by the ageing fraternity as a whole. It would be, therefore, wise to conclude that this ageing population is amongst the targets which the Chewton Glen Hotel has put forth in its clientele base list (Clements 2007, p.2).    

3.0. Analysis

As part of my analyzing the aforementioned facts, I believe that Chewton Glen Hotel rests at a better position as an establishment to engage in new ideas. The fact that the Hotel has a rich historical background let alone the positive publicity it receives makes it to be a preferred destination resort. According to the facts, I also believe that the Hotel is at a better position to increase its revenue by diversifying its entire services. The Hotel has to tap the market to include all potential clients rather than narrow its capabilities.

4.0. Reccommadations

My major recommendation indicates that the Chewton Hotel has to expand its target market to include the entire market irrespective of age or sex. This is because of the increased desire by potential clients to include physiological needs to there respective basic needs of health. It is the desire  of every human being to live healthy and more and more people are seeking to facilitate these need irrespective of there social status or in this case finances.

5.0. Conclusion

To conclude my report, I suppose that the services which are provided at the Hotel are rather customized and are provided by the most qualified personnel in the field of therapy. This basically means that the Hotel is rather targeting the elite clientele who possess both the willingness and ability to pay for the services offered. The Hotel provides classy and distinct services to there guests through the conservative yet sympathetic staff. In a review of the various competitions in the hospitality, travel and tourism industry was revealed that a recently opened day spa at London’s Bethnal Green provides spa visiting services to the public at prices which are far much affordable than those demanded in Chewton Glen Hotel.

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