Going to a Magnet art high school provided me with an ample opportunity to realize my desire to make a full career out of my artistic talents. However, I am undecided about a specific artistic field to major in so as to become competitive in the changing working environment. My personal interest is to make art practical and useful not only to me or my peers, but for the general public. My vision is to prove my capability to people by showing them what I can do as well as SCAD can do. This will enable me to attract people to use my art and to be able to appreciate it in their everyday lives.

Currently, some of the major fields that I am studying include fashion design, furniture design, and interior design. My artistic skills and knowledge have enabled me to carry on into fantastic careers and opportunities. Additionally, I can apply my artistic skills in executing many tasks in my daily life.

Another major that I am interested in, though it is not entirely practical art, is Film Production. The idea of being able to turn a scene, an idea, or a photo into a reality is attractive to me. There are so many steps and design components included that make the productions not only attractive but also extraordinary.

I also enjoy having an opportunity to work with many other talented and skilled individuals. This has made me gain more ideas and knowledge in different perspectives. Art is a vital opportunity that I would personally love to be a part of throughout my life.

In my school, I never got the chance to collaborate with other majors and artists to accomplish one enormous piece. The absence of diversity and opportunity helped me realize what I would like to do in art as a career. I want to be exposed to new things every day and strive to reach outside of my comfort zone and widen the boundaries. This is why I have a strong interest in fashion design.

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However, I do not wish to become a starving artist, a ‘One-man-band’. What excites me so much about SCAD is that it prepares people for a real career and gives them many opportunities that make them gain a competitive edge in the dynamic job market as well as enable them become flexible in the dynamic working environment.

I want to introduce my art to the whole world, work for a highly reputed company, and make a living from doing something special. If I get accepted into SCAD, I know that I will manage to take advantage of all my opportunities and take advantage of my environment/surroundings (being Savannah). I will work to find and get many art career internships all around the world, which I am aware that SCAD helps a person too, so that I can gain adequate  experience that can enable me to have a competitive advantage compared to other artists in the job market and find inspiration.

I realized that it was crucial for me to make a legitimate career out of my art when I attended SCAD Day and watched a highly informative and inspirational video on alumni and their careers. I saw a woman, a designer who ended up working for New Balance Shoes, designing their shoe displays in their stores. She was there because of SCAD. Also, I have ambitions and strong desires to reach her level.

Finally, I know that attending SCAD will be my gateway to a fantastic, creative and accomplished lifestyle and future. When I manage to reach that point and become a successful artist, and all of my hard work pays off, I know that I will have to thank SCAD.

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