Process analysis pattern is a development pattern which identifies processes and systems within an environment or field. Airport processes analysis pattern involves several processes within the airport. These processes ensure safety of the passengers, luggage, security purposes and efficiency in the processes. This paper seeks to discuss and outline the airport processes patterns. These patterns are flexible, efficient and effective.

Airport processes comprise of security of different security requirements. However, these process and easy and flexible. Airports have a designed layout that meets all security and capacity requirements. The security processes include passage screening system, carryon baggage screening system and customized verification processes and layout. The passenger security check points are designed to handle high traffic peaks. In this way, the layout is designed to meet the capacity configuration in the Airport. This is a extremely cost effective analysis. This is because it works as an advanced simulation passenger flow tool. It is necessary to note that carryon baggage is inspected using X- ray equipment. Airports check in is the first stop for every passenger and is handled by handling agents on behalf of the Airline. According to Airline regulations, a passage must first pass through the airline check in point. However, the procedures in the check in point vary from Airport to Airport. At the check in point, the handling agents checks the passenger identify registration which include; Visa, passport, invitation letters and tickets. At the check in point, the baggage is also registered. The passage gives their baggage over to the airport agents for registration and checking.

 It is necessary to note that, in case of any extra luggage, the passage will be required to pay extra or additional surcharges. Baggage handling process includes; screening systems, commissioning and testing of baggage. These systems are not only advanced but are also flexible and efficient. This is because baggage handling processes are developed from the recent developed technology. On line check in points are also available in many Airports. Online check in allow the passage to confirm the flight presence through the internet. This is the best and easiest way. This is because it saves time and energy. Airport processes success and performance are determined by efficiency and quality of the services and processes involved in the same.  In this case, most Airports expand theory operations and reduce the cost of toperations in order to attract more clients and maintain existing clients. Airport processes include; passage processes, terminal operations, ground operations, security processes, Airline operations and Aircraft policies. In this case, Airport authorities and staff ensure that there is a clear Airport performance measurement, technology evaluation, improvement in the ecological efficiency and operational diligence.

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Screening solutions are supported by the airport industries because of security and administrative reasons. This is because screening solutions ensure that check points system is effective by maintaining and ensuring high levels of services and efficiency. In this case, the baggage passes through a flexible designed system which handles the screening system without interfering with the baggage flow. On the other hand, passage screening takes place in the check in points, in most Airports. The screening procedures have a controlled and direct impact on the passengers at the check in points. However, balancing and maintaining this process requires additional steps and processes. This is in order to ensure that security procedures and processes are followed. Terminal planning is also extremely crucial process that takes place in the airport. Terminal planning involves; coordination of specific requirements, design review, project management and terminal planning, capacity analysis, security optimization and planning, passage flow simulations, terminal master planning and start up coordination amongst many others. On the other hand, simulation helps in the dynamic operation of the airport environment. It is necessary to note that simulation provides passage facilities within the space required by the passengers, clients of the staff.  In this case, simulation system provides planning tools, which support the proposed system performance, decision making process and baggage handling system. This simply means that simulation is an approach which is applied as a tool in the decision making process, operation process and the system performance in the airport.


Airport processes range from check in processes, customs, luggage screening, passage screening and simulation. These processes are designed to ensure a high level of services, and efficiency, optimize security and coordination of processes in the airport environment. The Airport processes also ensure reliable airport performance and success on the same. In this way, the airport operators are able to limit and control traffic.

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