The American Association for Affirmative Action was formed in 1974 by several professionals as a way of handling three important issues that before had been violated to a large extent. The three issues are affirmative action, diversity, and equal opportunity for all. Since its inception, the association has been proactive in helping its members achieve their potential by essentially being more productive and successful in their careers and places of work. The association does this action as a fulfilment of its mission which ensures that Americans understand the dynamics and benefits of affirmative action in areas such as employment, education and other economic fields.

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The American Association for Affirmative Action has developed the famous AAAA Position paper which articulates in depth the ideals and standpoint of the association. For instance, the association condemns and strongly opposes with the strongest words possible any action or attempt by the federal or state authority to seclude women or the minority from affirmative action that ensures equal access to education, employment, and economic opportunities as other groups in the society.  In this regard, the association was very vocal in opposing the blatant legislation that was designed to mutilate the executive order 11246 and eliminate affirmative action.

To be more effective in articulating its objectives, the association has developed comprehensive goals to acts as roadmap for its operations. These goals ensure that there are equal opportunity programs and strategies throughout the country, proper and sound ethical standards are upheld in the line of service, conducting of research on issues related to affirmative action and ensuring of professional growth for all its members.

In summary, the association strongly believes that affirmative action is the only sure way to bring the marginalised in the society like women, the disable, and the ethnic minority to the same level with other members of the society.    

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