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I choose to discuss the controversy surrounding gun control in my research paper. Gun control refers to any law or practice that aims at limiting the possession, production, sale, use or importation of guns by private owners. The legislature has enacted various bills regarding this issue. For instance, the senate enacted a bill in 2011 regarding ownership of short guns died before the congress did anything to restrict the ownership of short guns.

However, new legislation is under way whereby unlicensed gun sellers will go out of the market (Wright, Rossi and Daly 7). In this perspective, the government is carrying out various background checks in order to ensure that all unlicensed sellers are out of the market. Various studies are underway in an attempt to issue gun control in the US. This is because of the high number of firearms-related crimes and violence.

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The proponents of gun control argue that gun control reduces criminal as well as accidental use of firearms. However, those who oppose the gun control legislation stipulate that gun control laws do not have any significant impact on crimes related possession of firearms (Carter 6).

The controversy surrounding gun control is due to the immense number of criminal cases. There are those people who argue that guns protect life. On the contrary, there are those who criticize possession of arms citing that it leads to criminal cases.

Moreover, they cite cases of child trafficking, molestation and other unethical vices as causing problems in the society. Crime results to insecurity. It leads to tension. I therefore choose to discuss this issue since it is current, not only affecting the United States but also other countries in the world. Please consider this as part of my research paper. Thanks in advance.

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