Starbucks’s organizational culture promoted its set core of values with six guiding principles. These principles helped them measure their appropriate decisions (Living Our Values 2004, p.2). Starbucks promotes equal hiring opportunity to all their partners. They made recruiting decisions based on job-related criteria and not use labor under the age of 18. To this end, the  “managers must comply with all Starbucks-established or legally required limitations on minimum hiring age, and on hours and tasks performed by these partners to ensure any work performed does not hamper the partner's education, health, safety, and mental or physical development” (Business Ethics and Compliance 2011, p.11).  At Starbucks, they “treat each other with respect and dignity, and this implies that all partners are entitled to work in an environment that is free of harassment, bullying and discrimination” (Business Ethics and Compliance 2011, p.11).

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Moreover, “all Starbucks’s employees who work more than 20 hours per week are eligible for benefits” (Responsible Business Practices 2002, p.26). The brand name of the company where baristas work for and the training that they receive all makes baristas be proud of. In Starbucks, upper management is more various than most of other large companies in the US. All of these factors have built the company’s reputation and contributed for their being progressive. 

Stakeholder’ analysis for Starbucks involves its employees, customers, farmers, shareholders, creditors, community, suppliers, governments, minority groups, and managers. In order to improve the lives of the farmers who grow the coffee beans, the company also works with them and help them  find out the solutions when the coffee growing regions become very poor, and the cost of coffee has been declined caused by oversupply. Besides employees, the customers are the ones who close most to the Starbucks culture.  This implies that they have to be kept informed, satisfied and closely monitored.

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