I wish to apply of late withdrawal from the Migration Law Course I had enrolled in your University. I was not able to withdraw prior to the census date October 21st for reasons beyond my control. I have a medical certificate to the same effect that is clearly showing that I was receiving medication during the time frame specified for withdrawal. I am a nursing student in another university, and this is a reason that made it impossible to withdraw my studies in your institution. Considering that I had an exam on the same day for my nursing course, It was hard for me to take the migration Law exam in your institution. I made struggles within my reach to apply for a private invigilator for my exam in your University, but the decision was not in my favor. Also, a sudden change occurred in my work place. So many workers have lost their jobs, and I would not like to loose my Job in the Health Staff.
These are the reasons that prompt me to withdraw from this course. I will appreciate the efforts by your institution to understand the circumstances surrounding my case. The consideration of my case will make me so glad and is unquestionably essential to spare my career. Bearing in mind I am a single mother and I do not receive financial support from any other source, I seriously need the refund of my school fees. As a mother, I have other responsibilities that require my financial attention, but I have limited financial sources. I have testimonials to prove that it was impossible for me to withdraw my studies on time and facts surrounding my case. These documents are a certificate from the doctor and a timetable from the University I had an exam at the same date. This was the reason I had applied for private Invigilator for the Migration Law exam. Unfortunately, ANU declined my application for private Invigilator. I will be glad if you consider my application for late withdrawal with a followed refund of my school fees to save me from economic constrains ahead. Thanks in advance.

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