This is Malcolm X writing on the prevailing political situations in the United States. In this letter, I have presented my view points towards the success of the current administration in the US. I have focused on issues such as the current state of health care, Pan-Africanism, war on drugs, prison industrial complex, separatism, economic empowerment, Black Nationalism, and immigration policy. I am writing to inform you on the progress of the current administration in the United States. I thought it is necessary to communicate my point of view about the social needs of the United States and the outlook of the current administration.  It is my opinion that the current administration has fought relentlessly to provide maximum security to the people of the United States (King, 2011). The governance by President Barak Obama has brought a general feeling of security in the United States especially with the killing of the world’s most wanted terrorist, Osama Bin Laden, during the reign of the current US president Mr. Barak Obama. Power does not take a back step (Malcolm 2007). There have also been so many other achievements that I would like to outline. This will help you to know the ability of your competitor at the polls.

During my reign as a human rights activist and African-American Muslim minister, I noticed that mistreat of black Americans was particularly rampant in the United States. I fought with a motivation from a strong believe I possess that all human beings are equal. However, it has changed in the era of the current administration. Considering that Obama is himself a black, he has led to uniting of the black Americans with the whites. Therefore, it is wise to reconsider your priorities towards ensuring that the harassment of black Americans in the United States is a forgotten issue as it is at the moment. Blacks should be respected and treated equally as whites (Malcolm 2007).

I think the current administration has worked diligently for the realization of Martin Luther’s dream to end racism against African-Americans. The current administration in the US has provided a broad spectrum to the law to counter any racism ideas in the US.

The current administration has also boosted the Pan-Africanism spirit across the world. As for the issue concerning the war stricken country, Somalia, it has used the powers vested by the UN Security Council to the US appropriately to ensure the restoration of tranquility and peace in the United States. It was a remarkable effort to fund the peace keeping missions without seeking the attention of the public. Peace is inseparable from freedom. This eased tension and reduced the possibility of a world war to zero. This administration has achieved the core mission of Pan-Africanism, which is usually to develop unity among all the Africans around the world. A reflection of Pan-Africanism is the warm relationships of all Africans in America. Their confidence in building the nation collectively exists on unusually strong foundations by Obama’s charismatic nature.

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The current administration in the US has also been instrumental in passing the health care reform. The previous administrations could not successfully establish a universal health care that this administration has comfortably done. This will cover a rough estimate of about 32 million Americans who do not have health insurance policies (United States Senate, 2012).

However, this health care reform suffered criticism because it was implemented too long after Barak Obama had promised it to the people of America. To be successful in American politics, it is noteworthy to keep your promises and make time bound goals. The administration that is currently in the US has also led to a massive economic empowerment by recapitalizing banks. This saves the US from financial crises ahead. During this enactment, the current administration failed to some extent. It did not regulate the insurance health industry so that health care could be afforded by everyone. Instead, they forced people to become dependent on the government health scheme (Kunjunfu, 2002). In this effect, the United States appear like a socialist state.     This mistake should be corrected since the economy of the United States is capitalistic, and any communist ideas should not be entertained in the US. The people of the United States have mixed reactions, because the current administration had raised their hopes so much. In fact, under the presidency of Barak Obama, the United States seemed to achieve marvelous success. For this reason, it is not possible for citizens to see the achievements of the current leadership especially on policies to counter racism in the United States. Blacks should be vigilante to fight for their freedom by all means.

I would like to mention possible prescriptions that I think will counter the vice of racism in the United States. Though the current administration has tried to fight the evil of racism, I would like to stipulate that this is still not the end. Adversity is extremely beneficial in a society, and the fight against racism has built the US in a way (Malcolm 2007) This is because possible signs of racism are still evident in America though in small degrees. In this way, American economy would improve rapidly especially with motivation from the adage “United we stand divided we stumble”. America deserves a leader who will consider the interests of the people first before his political interests. Also, the policies made by the leader in the US should be keen to protect the interest of all races in the US, because America is a multi- racial continent. With those few observations and remarks, I wish you all the best in your campaigns. May the best team win. 

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